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This is a new one for me. Our 11 month old Irish has decided to become a hair dresser.  He has started chewing holes in our other Setters coat (3 years old).  We did notice a line across his coat. it looked like someone had cut a short strip off his top coat but this morning we noticed a nearly bald patch on his hip.  They do curl up together and get on well.  We have seen pup nibbling Finlays coat and as his new teeth are like razors I'm sure it would not take long to remove  part of his coat.

Is there anything we can put on Finlays coat to deter this ? or is it just a case of keeping a constant watch.

Many thanks Phil

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Hi Philip, Never heard of a situation like that and it made me chuckle a bit, at least the way you told it. Maybe one of the oils that some use against ticks might work. Joy hates eucalyptus! Only the ticks didn't bother, so we gave up on the oils.

I left replying for a while.....we tried a sour apple spray on Finlays coat and.......so far.....we have success but as Mortimer seems to be one of our most complicated Setters ever I'm sure he has something else lined up for us :-) 

There is a spray called 'bitter apple'. I think you can buy it online and I have used it to stop puppies chewing furniture. I think this would help  ! :-) 

OOpppps my mistake....it was Bitter Apple :-(




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