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Hi Everyone,

Its finally happening, i'm getting my IS puppy on saturday.

So happy i can barely sleep.

The breeder instructed me to contact my vet and ask for a non live vaccination,

i am using 2 different vets, depending on what would be best for the dog.

1 is refusing to do a non live and the other would do 50/50.

Attached is a article:

thoughts please,


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Personally, I would not use a non-live vaccination on a new puppy.

I think puppies need proper immunisation at the start of their lives.  I could be wrong, but I think live vaccine is the only safe bet.

Perhaps you could change to a non-live version next year for the booster jab, by that time the pup will have built up a stronger immune system.


Thanks Val and Camilla,

My breeder is insisting on a dead vaccine, so i had to put my foot down and ordered my vet to order it in.

I am worried about over vaccinating the dog though

most vets want to do it every year, and i am told every 3 years is enough

Is it true that every time you vaccine a dog, their immune system goes down?

If you are worried about over vaccinating your dog then you can have a routine blood test done to check their levels of immunity before having boosters done.

It also depends if you live in an area where there are high incidents of dog related viruses and if you are going to attend dog shows, use boarding kennels etc..

I have not had any dogs Ive owned in the past 35 years vaccinated every year. 

I think you have to allow dogs to build up their own natural immune system without pumping chemicals into them every year without knowing whether they need them or not.

Every 3 years sounds like a sensible option to me.

I have finally found the name of the non-live vaccine...now have to find a vet who has it in this area!! If not, a trip back to Essex! Duramune..:-)))


Mario.....you haven't said at what age you are planning to have the first inoculation.  You might want to consider waiting until your puppy is 11/12 weeks old to give him time for his immune system to build up.

I finally got my vet to agree to do a dead vaccine.

I seems you always have to scream and shout to get anything done in this country, whether its builders, delivery or vets as it seems.

Will start at 10 weeks and then when she [Bridie] is ready will start the pet pasport scheme.

I think that the live vaccine option is the better choice.I am just puzzled why the breeder so insistent that you have to use an inactivated vaccine.Bridie will be your dog and ,in my opinion,you should be making the decisions for her.There are a lot of breeders read the forums.Am I wrong in this?

The breeder has the experience with her own breeding lines and knows all too well the consequences should a live vaccine be used with her puppies...

The choice is the owners but sadly could be to the detriment of the puppy - It is just not worth it...! 

Each to their own but I trust the breeder implicitly on this one:-)))


Mario: i would do ALL vaccinations suggested by the vet (i would need to check the oberon booklet, but yes, some of them are every year I think). Is better to be safe than sorry.. my personal opinion of course. 


regarding the passport scheme: make sure you wait a few months before to do the rabies - otherwise Bridie may have too much coperture from the mum and may not develop enough antibodies to pass the blood test and you have to repeat the whole process again.. best, silvia

ah and  if you dont keep the vaccinations updated the passport may not be valid.. so doing the blood test and avoiding the vaccinations may not be an option if Bridie is going to travel..

Yeah, i usually go Belgium or Holland to see my family.

And will only vaccinate every 3 years, i do that with my Cavaliers and works very well, despite what the vet say.

In my experience, vets will sometimes do whats best for their bank balance instead of whats best for the dog.

Mario, the cost of a vaccine to a vet is minimal.  The all-in-one vaccine/booster is actually the cheapest option for you.  If you vaccinate or go outside the normal inoculation protocol you will find it seriously more expensive.

The reason your breeder is advising you to use non-live vaccines is, presumably, because the other type can cause side effects but with the modern vaccines that is less common.  Also the later you inoculate the stronger the immune system and therefore the less chance of a severe reaction.

Also, please correct me if I am wrong but you can only use a live vaccine to properly protect against Lepto.

You really must use whatever your vet recommends to provide the best protection for your puppy.




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