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Our gorgeous 8mth old IRWS has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips :(

After noticing a couple of weeks ago that Poppy was holding her right leg and having periods of lameness, we took her to the vets. The first vet we saw - our usual vet was on holiday - said to have her on Metacam for a week as she thought it was muscle strain. At the time, I said that I would prefer to have her x-rayed as her hips weren't symmetrical and I suspected she was suffering from CDH - I explained that my eldest daughter suffers from the same thing and the symptoms were similar. She rotated the hips, not to a great degree and thought I was been over cautious.

A week later and she was still the same so I booked an appointment to have her seen by my usual vet today. As soon as he rotated her left hip, you heard it 'clunking' in and out of joint. The other hip couldn't even be rotated to that extexnt because it was too painful for her. When I saw the x-rays, it was like looking at my daughter's hips!

He memtioned about building up the muscle with hydro but I said I want her to have a triple pelvic osteotomy, as this is the best way of making sure she has as normal a doggy life as the other dogs.

She's booked in for next Friday for the op but I don't know whether to get her referred to Noel Fitzpatrick - the 'bionic vet'. I did mention it to him and he says the orthpaedic specialist they have have a great success rate with this procedure. It's just I know from past experience with my daughter, you need to get it right first time!

Also, he recommended changing her diet to Hill j/d, as this greatly slows down the arthritic process but I really don't like that stuff. We feed her on the BARF diet and give her salmon oil and glucasomine. This diet would be a lifetime thing, not just until she's recovered.

Any advice on the vet referral/food would be greatly received.

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I will do! Anything's worth a shot!

Hi Emma,

We are really sorry to hear of your bad news concerning Poppy. Us as the stud dog owners are totally devasted that this has occurred and wish you all the luck in the world. As mentioned in one of the above posts- with both parents, grandparents etc having good hip scores a HD dog from this litter was a total bolt out of the blue. I haven't commented on this link until now as we were so shocked this had happened and we wanted to search the web for any good information we could offer you.

A very good book you could possibly source is Veterinary Advice on Hip Dysplasia by Gary Clayton Jones BVetMed, DVR, DSAO MRCVS. Published by Ringpress. This is available on Amazon

It suggests Poppy be given Synoquin or Cosequin and high strength Omega 3 fish oil and a course of Cartrophen injections which is recommended for arthritis, HD etc, they will help greatly with Poppy's pain and lameness. Using this conservative approach could also prevent surgery if Poppy has hydro therapy and four 5 minute lead walks a day to build up muscle to help support the joint.

I have googled the above recommended injections and it is very informative.

Please keep us updated with the progress of Poppy.

Gail & Ian.


Hi Gail,

Firstly, I just want to say that I hope you know that we do not blame you or Gaye in any way for Poppy's condition. As I said in my first post, my eldest daughter also suffers from DDH so I know that it is just 'one of those things'.

I think there's 2 things that have upset us most. The first - and most upsetting - being Poppy's standard of life. It's so hard seeing such a young energetic pup, having moments where her back legs just go from underneath her. I worry for her future and the pain she could potentially be in. We had a few days of hope with the TPO being an option but then that was dashed when the specialist called to say her HD was too severe - although we still have to see Malcolm Ness who has an excellent reputation and has written numerous papers on HD.

The second being the fact that we wanted to breed a litter from her. We can't breed from Darcey - our IS - as the breeder refuses to communicate with us, even though KC have also got involved and contacted her. We always wanted to have a pup from each of them and now that will not happen. They're both such lovely dogs and we're devestated :(

I'm hoping our appointment with Malcolm, on the 13th, will give us more hope. In the meantime, she's booked in for hydro and Mel has suggested acupuncture which is worth a try.

Thank you for the information on the book, I've ordered a copy tonight so hopefully it will have some helpful tips. We feed the dogs on the BARF diet and give salmon oil as part of their diet, however, a 'RAW' vet told us linseed oil is better so I've ordered some of that. Our vet never mentioned the injections though, I'll look into that and mention it to Malcolm when I see him.

Thank you for your support and I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Hi Emma , sorry to hear about Poppy. Can I suggest before you have hyrotherapy to get her checked by a Chiropractic they will make sure all her back and pelvis etc are aligned, if she has HD then it is possible she twists her back to ease the pain. If this is not done first she could build up muscle in the wrong areas. I use a girl called Emma Hustler who uses massage and Laser therapy as well as joint manipulation to treat dogs and horses. Check her website www.emmahustler.co.uk

that is really good advice Val but all of these therapies shuld really be by referal so maybe Emma should wat until Poppy has seen the specialist

The breeder refuses  to communicate with us  !!!!  i would be careful what you say emma , I have never had  a phone call or an email off you since you took the pup. I received a recorded letter  and have spoken at length to the kennel club, at the time  I have been going through  a very tough personal time including the ending of a 16 yr relationship with life changing   consequences for me , my life and my dogs  and keeping my head above water and a roof over our heads was more a priority   than you slandering me and my bitch over this public website. I have since managed to catch up and have sent the KC the copy of the contract that you said you never received, signed by you which clearly states  "This dog is being bought solely as apet and companion. This dog is not to be used for breeding purposes and the breeder retains the right not to lift any endorsements "  sadly this whole situation could have been avoided had you picked up thephone and actually spoken to me  .

Thank you for finally responding to me Kirsty - shame it always has to be 'over this public website'.

I have contacted you several times over the last 15 months - including on this website after you left a rather abrupt message on my page - and have had no response from you. You mention the recorded letter I sent in December, yet you still chose not to reply to that. After attempting all methods of communication with yourself, I felt I had no choice but to contact KC. After they contacted you, you got straight in touch with them and assured them you would send a copy of the contract I had signed, yet when I called them only last month, they told me that dispite your assurances you had NOT sent them the contract to pass on to myself - you spoke to them in January!!! I am a little confused why you won't just send me a copy of the contract, after all, I should have had one in the first place, the breeders I have purchased my other 2 dogs from, following Darcey, have both provided me with them.

As for 'slander', I'm slightly confused as to how this could be so. I have checked with my husband who has confirmed that slander is not in the wirtten form, that is 'lible'. You will be pleased to know however, that neither of these apply.

I am sorry you have had a tough year and felt you didn't have time to drop an email to explain. At least you have had time to breed another couple of litters though!

I am most disappointed that you have chosen this thread about Poppy to air your grievences. I guess this reflects on you!.

Since you say you have the contract in front to quote, I eagerly await its arrival!

Sadly this whole situation could have been avoided had you picked up thephone and actually responded to my many voicemails/emails/letters.

Well, it's a big day for Poppy tomorrow! It's finally time for her to have her appoimtment with Malcolm Ness.

I'm hoping he'll be able to give us a definite way to go from here and give us some firm answers for Poppy's future. She's had 3 short hydro sessions over the last week or so and we've got her on 4 x 5 minute walks a day but she's so frustrated. She's completely wrecked the garden, including making a huge hole in a fence panel! We've tried working her mind but I think she's more of a physical dog :)

Hopefully I'll have some positive news to share with you all tomorrow!

Will keep our fingers and paws crossed for you Emma and Poppy.

Hi Emma,

How did you and Poppy get on in your meeting with Malcolm Ness?  I hope it was positive and encouraging. :o])

Poppy's breeder has put her into the IRWS Database Special Conditions section so we would be grateful if you could give us an update - we continually research into any problem that occurs in our breed.

Many thanks in advance - I can be reached at ann.millington@btinternet.com

Hi Emma

You still have not told us how you got on with Malcolm Ness. After all the support you have had from this site I do think you should let us know the outcome, good or bad, hope it is the former

Jane regardless of the "support" I think Emma is entitled to deal with her situation in her own time!

A gentle enquiry would surely have been much more fitting!




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