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 I'll start this again as I don't know where my writing went!!  Anyway we have just returned from Yorkshire where i took my 2 into a city for the first time.  We went to York on the very crowded park and ride and they were fantastic with several comments how well behaved they were and what lovely coloured spaniels they were!!  If anyone wants a recommendation of a good holiday place then Griffon Forest Lodges are wonderful with miles of off lead quiet walks straight from the lodge through the forest and over fields.  If anyone has any recommendations for good dog holiday spots please post as I spend hours at christmas trying to find suitable places.  I would also recommend the prestige cooling coat which I brought as we don;t have air conditioning in the car and since lexi was spayed and her coat has gone wild she really suffers in the heat.  She was much more lively wearing it and didn;t try to remove it by rolling.  Anyway that about sums up my original post.  Happy holidays everyone.

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As I said on your previous post, Christine Pullen has started a group for people to post their holiday experiences and good walks on the way. So pleased you had a great holiday sounds like an awesome place be nice if you copied this to that group for a quick reference for others .looking for an escape with their dogs :)

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