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Leda is a beautiful, young Irish Red & White Setter who was struck by a car and needs an operation to save her leg. (More info to come soon).

All donations are welcome no matter how small, as it all adds up. Please look at  "Saveledasleg" on Facebook for more information.                                                          




     Save Leda's Leg (Facebook Group)



Leda is a beautiful, young Irish Red & White Setter

who was struck by a car and needs an operation to

save her leg. (More info to come soon)


Three ways to help out




Furkids Veterinary Surgery

Shop 11

... 2 Shepherd Drive

Greenbank Qld 4124, Australia

ph +61 7 3200 0498


Account Details

Furkids Veterinary Surgery


BSB: 014 315

A/C: 370147579


Please put a reference of "Leda" so they know where the money is to go.



Elaine's email is esmmcdonnell@gmail.com

Funds sent in Australian currency get there quickest but all currencies will get there with a minor delay.


3. ChipIn.com - which also goes to Elaine's paypal.


https://www.paypal.com/home Send Money, Pay Online or Set Up a Merchant Account - PayPal


PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payme...


 Below is a link to the invoice (Vet bill). This is for Leda's treatment so far. Hope the link works.

The amount on this bill is $2354.50 Australian dollars.



 An update from Elaine. Latest update below.

Leda appeared not to be in so much pain today and was a bit brighter. There was even a first tail wag since the accident when Carolyn came over to say hello.
Furkids are being far more relaxed over the money issue than the original specialist was. They know that there are a lot of donations being made and will not stop surgery because money is not upfront.
I will get a better estimate tomorrow when the head vet gets to see the new xrays. She is fairly confident that she will be able to do it and Leda will not have to go to another specialist, but wants to see some xrays from other angles to make sure she knows what is going on in there.
The emails with the xrays didn't arrive, but hopefully will have them tomorrow.
She was being put back on IV fluids as she was a bit dehydrated. It was what we were expected as she was not drinking or eating on her own.
I think she is in good hands down there.


Leda at Furkids.

I left my baby, but she was looking a bit perkier today.


The staff at Furkids.


Furkids Veterinary Surgery.


Latest update from Elaine McDonnell.

Seems while I was chewing my fingers off yesterday afternoon, Leda was having her operation. Carolyn rang this morning to let me know she is doing fine and has started eating and drinking. Hip of course is still swollen and sore. Took a little while before I realised she had had it and Carolyn realised I hadn't been told. Saved me worrying about her being under anaesthetic.
More xrays tomorrow morning and if nothing has moved and she is still eating, drinking etc alright she may be able to come home tomorrow afternoon. If they aren't 100% happy she may stay in over the weekend.
Thank you so much everybody. Bad news: Should get the invoice on Friday as well and I find out what needs to be followed up. :D


Just heard from Elaine. She is on her way to collect Leda. It will be a round trip of about 4 hours. It is just after 11.00AM, Friday 8th February in Australia. They are 10 hours ahead of the UK. Will update again as soon as we get more news.

Two picture of Leda after her operation.

Photo: Another picture of Leda upon her return home...Thank you everyone for your help! We hope to post some more updates shortly!   Photo: The most recent surgery pics... The good news is, while painful, she's able to stand. The bad news is...now we wait to see if the clubbing issue resolves itself, and to get the new bills...At least she's home for now...


The most recent surgery pics... The good news is, while painful, she's able to stand. The bad news is...now we wait to see if the clubbing issue resolves itself, and to get the new bills...At least she's home for now...




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WOW !!! That was realy lovely, thank you.

Hi Angela. Thank you for that. I thought it was very well done too.

A big thank you to Kenny Jarvis for putting it together.

Andy (AKA Riley Benstead)

Hi Dianne. This is the YouTube link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XQ1oc5h5_g&feature=youtu.be You can also find the video and more information about Leda if you go to "Save Leda's Leg" on Facebook. Ken Jarvis put the video together and he has done the most work on that project. I am guilty for the poem/verse (Sorry about that). lol.

So many people have been involved in helping Leda by sending prayers, well wishes, donations and of course not forgetting the staff at "Furkids" who performed the operation on her leg. Leda may have a problem with her foot, but I think they are going to wait a few weeks or more to see how it is healing.

I think you will enjoy the video when you manage to watch it. I am proud that I was able to be a small part of it along with so many others.

I will ask Kenny about other formats and get back to you.

Andy (Aka Riley Benstead)

Hi Andy, is there any chance the video that Kenny Jarvis has done could be done in a format to suit an I phone please. As unfortunately I don't have access to a computer at present and I'd love to see it. :)) thank you. Dianne

Hi Dianne. I asked Kenny (Ken Jarvis) and this is the reply from him.

"Not too sure on formats, But from what i have been told is that YouTube format is MP3 and i-phones or i-pads receive in MP4 so they need converting. A friend of mine has sent me this link for any user wishing to convert any video into MP4.
I will also look into a conversion myself.

Regards Kenny".


I hope this is some help to you and I will let you know if Kenny finds any more information on how to watch it on i-phones & i-pads. I still use my old steam generated computer that plays all videos fine. lol.


@ Dianne: try to use the video section on the left; I watched it from there on the i phone- it is heart warming!

Hi Eva. Thank you so much.

Andy (Aka Riley Benstead).

How is Leda's leg? Please give us an update about her. Kind regards, Phil

Just been looking back over discussions and wondered to myself.....I wonder how Leda is? Could anyone update me ?
Dianne, there was a posting on facebook recently, she was trotting about the garden and putting weight on the injured leg, positive progress.

Thank you John for the update. I did try to get the video clip direct on here, but was unable to do it. I know little about computers. If anyone would like to watch the video of Leda, please go to Save Leda's Leg on Facebook.


Thank you John, that's wonderful news :0)) a feel good story.




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