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I  have just had my results back from the AHT   for  PRA  rcd4  unfortunately both of my girls  are  affected ,

Wickenberry  Crocus    and her  daughter   Pennally  Devil Woman

Jean   and myself were informed  on Wed  15   June by Diana that   Diana s  boy  Wickenberry Capsicum  was affected, we arranged to take  all 5 of our girls to an eye clinic in Birmingham being held by Proffessor  Bedford  on  Sat  June 18th,  they were  all examined  and found to be  Clinically  UNNAFFECTED.

sadly  we have since  lost   Siorchia (crocus)   at  10 years  of age  but she  had no  eye  related  problems 

I am very sorry to read your news, Sue. All the more as I am waiting for my results for Northern Light vh Adelaarsvaren, daughter of W. Capsicum and her son Coppersheen Coalville Lad. Both examined and found clinically free of eye problems... So tension mounts once more.

Very sorry to hear you have lost Siorcha. 

Thanks  Susan, I hope you get some  good results , fingers  x   for  you


susan i am so sorry for you and your dogs .its so very brave of you to announce this to the site so soon after getting the results at what is such an emotional time.i wish you and your dogs we and hope they are of really old age if they develope it .sending hugs to you all
Thankyou  Lyn,
So Sorry for your results Sue...I do hope that your girls eyesight continues to be OK although they have the two affected genes each...this thing seems to be random in its exicution...whereas the dog may be affected but shows no clinical sign...I personally can only guess at why that happens...but I am sure there is a scientific answere, (I am going to try and find this)...good luck with your girls. I do hope all goes well for you...and yours...and if you need to talk to anyone who has had a blind dog then please don't hesitate to call me/get in contact...I may well be able to help...if I don't know then perhaps one of the others with blind dogs could help...all my best wishes...
Thanks   Dee,luckily  no  eye probs  as yet.

Lets hope that is how it is going to stay....good luck...and I hope that they have a long and happy life...Good luck to you too Susan fingers crossed for all....I am sure that all will be thinking of you...

I am so sorry for that................................ should be a terrible news to bear with, I hope they stay healthy all life long..
Thanks  Mel,I hope  so too , I appreciate  your kind words and support,yes  suddenly  loosing Siorchia at   only 10   was  a huge  shock, as you will probably  remember  she was  a very loving  girl,,,,,,,,,,

Thanks  ,   I hope your  results  are  good  Mel , all of them, I think  over  the years  how we have lost   our     lovely  reds  ,  all of them  so special  and loving   and it still hurts , but  we are  so  priveledged to share their  lives, 

I t is nice to  know  we  all  can support  each  other,  and  share   memories  of  our    lovely  reds .

My  lovely  old  Ffionnbharr, (Wickenberry  Red  Rum) such  a naughty boy   a hunter   and a clown   ,He showed me up so many  times in   and  out  of the ring , He did every thing  HIS  WAY,,,I still miss him   ,




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