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Margaret, I very much agree with everything you say.

As more research about genetic conditions and their inheritance becomes available breeders can make better informed decisions on planned matings and it is an intellectual challenge to find and recognise dogs from different pedigrees who have a similar phenotype.  Breeders have more tools at their disposal then they had 20 years ago and they will take advantage of them.  There has always been a diversity of type in the Irish Setter and you must accept that breeders will always want to keep to their preferred type, regardless of the fashion of the day or the look of the current winning dogs.  That is the choice of those who set more store by success.

I do not believe that we should totally discard line breeding in favour of diversifying for the sake of it.  I believe that we can adopt both in a balanced way and ensure we produce dogs with fewer health problems whilst maintaining type and conformation.  More and more are hip scoring, eye testing and ensuring their dogs are screened for genetic problems.  We are taking our responsibilities very seriously. 

You are right fighting isn't very productive but sometimes, when faced with deliberate provocation even the most mild mannered will retaliate.  This is a Forum on rcd-4 and everyone is trying hard to stay positive and supportive of each other over the testing of their dogs.

Margaret, have you seen Ann Millington's discussion on this site? 

Yes, I have seen Ann Millington's discussion, and not sure I want to get into any more interminable arguments with her. Ann  believes that the breed is healthy and all problems are under control. I dont share her optimism

Exactly Margaret.......very well written!

Oh!...and you will not have to duck the gunshots because they are always aimed at me!

I hope you are not equating my 'optimism' with the health state of Irish Setters, I was speaking from an informed position regarding IRWS <g>..........
Very well put Margaret.  I am fairly new to all this, but having 3 reds now with identical AI problems, this is something I have been researching in depth.  As you say, Rome wasn't built in a day, but we do need more people like you who are willing to do their homework, and try to reconstruct potentially very healthy dogs.

Like the homework that has been and is being done by the national IRWS Breed Club for 30 years?

Lynn I agree with every word....and so very sorry for the Carrier status of two of yours...but as you so ritely say they are the same as they were the day before the test was done...the will never go blind with this problem....

We should test and go forward. Hopefully there will be enough stud dogs of lines that you want to use...I to feel that we should get down and test, and yes all of us...especially the big prolific breeders..it is something that we all have a chance of having in our lines...I was one of those really really lucky ones that have a clear.....and this, as I said before, is one huge lottery...

Good luck with your two girls, hope that when the time comes you will have a wide choice of Clear dogs to choose from...

Absolutely right in eveything you say Lynn my situation is the same as yours, two of mine have come back carriers and they are still the same gorgeous dogs as they was before the test! and waiting for two more to come back what will be will be.
Good luck with the other two Teresa, fingers crossed that you get that clear call....and good luck with the Carriers, and as you know it isn't the end of your lines...you too will hopefully find a clear to mate them to...again good luck..;o)
I told mine about Jas, but never thought of telling them about the DNA test....very good idea Mel will certanly do that..;o)
Dee I apologise for my ignorance for I know that originally Jas was thought to have SNB but that was later discounted as her sight deteriorated.  I know Meg has sent a test swab for rcd-4 to the AHT and is waiting for a result, or has already got it.  Will blood from Jas be tested or do you know the reasons for her condition?  Maybe you have already said and I missed it.

They will be testing her blood, as a home test is out of the question now. The person that is doing it is on holiday at the moment so will have to wait...

I am also lucky with my vets, in fact one of them has one of Alister Watt's dogs...so she is very into Irish...





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