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............and some also have no input to add to this discussion.....preferring, with the aid of a very large wooden spoon, to stir up problems with their snide comments!!!
Like I said before "no input" too much time spent stirring.
Val...........please re-visit Mathew 7:3-5.

Reply to Eva further up......and I think there is more chance of 'hell freezing over' don't you???


2nd message to Val.....please re-visit Mathew 7:3-5

I hesitate to add anything to this emotive subject....however, I, for one, come out on the side of those who strive to breed beautiful, healthy Irish setters...I love this breed and believe totally in the integrity of the breeders who have spent years of endeavour to understand  the complexities of breeding, and who have suffered the trials and tribulations when things may have not always come right, but have also produced some truly stunning Irish in the show ring, and truly wonderful  Irish setters, all of whom are much loved family members.

 For those throwing stones, just take a moment to realise the utter devastation felt by those who are faced with the knowledge that some of their own breeding are carriers, or worst of all, may be affected. I have always had great pride in the fact that our breeders have managed to deal with PRA and CLAD in the past, and have no doubt that we can all support each other to see off this latest threat. Thank heaven for DNA testing, and thank heaven for everyone testing now, for the good of this lovely breed. We will test, in due course, although we no longer breed, because we want to know the status of our own family, and we want to add to the information regarding the extent of the problem in the breed.

For now, good luck to you all, and thank you to the breeders of our lovely girl and boys.

Wow....took me a while to read thru all of this but underneath all the postings one thing comes out loud and clear....all here wish for the same things....a healthy. lovely Irish Setter who looks like an Irish Setter.  I am strictly an Irish Setter pet owner since 1973  ( and this last time with no knowledge of where my Miss Molly came from) but I do appreciate the care and concern you all use in breeding these wonderful dogs.  Yes, over the years I have had a few so called problem issues with my dogs but for the most part they were ones that were not that hard to deal with. .Reading your test results and I am applauding the good ones and my heart sinking for those of you who have had afflicted or carrier results. I have  to applaud  the courage it took to post those results as you received them. Just reading  how you all are dealing with and learning from each other for the future of this beautiful breed gives me hope that no matter what arises you all will work for the benefit of what is best for our Irish Setter's.  So I am wishing the best to all who have received results that weren't what anyone would wish for....but also Thank you's to all of you for caring so much about our Irish Setter's.   I do really like the suggestion to be sure our vet's have the knowledge of this new DNA test ......so even just being a "Irish Setter pet owner and lover:" I learn so much from all of you.  Thankyou.

I was at Birmingham champ show yesterday and the solidarity among Irish Setter breeders and exhibitors was wonderfully evident.  It is only the very few who like to throw stones.  Actually I wonder if the stone throwers are testing their own dogs?

This has nothing to do with rcd-4 but to illustrate the point, I arrived at the show late (my fault) with a drenched and dribbling dog and my class was just going in.  I immediatly had additional hands with towels and hairdryers to get my dog ready and in the ring before the last exhibit was seen.  I was very grateful and thank all those who took the time and the trouble to help me.  It is not something you forget.  The stone throwers are very much out on their own.........

I too had a comment that has probably got lost so am placing it here as I feel that it may be of interest...

It refers to the reason that dogs with both copies of the Gene don't actually develop the problem...ie don't actually go blind...;-

1) Late onset - time of testing ie they will develop the problem

2) Incomplete penetrance of the gene

3) Epistatic interaction with the gene....

I think that this means that the gene has interacted with another gene so slowing the development of actual blindness...

Hope this will help and apologies for placing this twice...but felt people would like to know..as there was a few people asking why dogs that have both genes were not actually going blind

This does not mean that these dogs wont pass this on even if they don't go blind (thankfully they won't go blind) but not garanteed...

ps I seem to have a spell check back hooray

Interesting point Dee because, in discussions I have had with other breeders we did think it could be incomplete penetrance of the gene which was blocking development of the condition in some dogs who had been clinically diagnosed with rcd-4.  Hadn't thought of the gene interacting with another gene so slowing the development.  Never to old to learn eh!!!

new results:

alle 3 bitches are clear of PRA-rcd 4:
Garden Star´s Kathleen O´Irish (Queenstone The Jee Jee Man x Garden Star´s Bonnie Tyler)
My Melinda vom Franzosenkeller (Garden Star´s Irish Vagabond x Isis vom Franzosenkeller)
Our Only Orla vom Franzosenkeller (Sam Aristokrat x Jolly Jane vom Franzosenkeller)

I could not find the mailadress where to send the original mail to be published of the list. can anyone help?

regards from austria

please send to kenn-slo@ntlworld.com for inclusion on the SEISC list. Please could you also e-mail me the certificates and the Sire and Dam.Many thanks Gill




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