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Due to problems accessing the AHT website Dr Nigel Holmes has kindly agreed to extend the "promotional code" for the South fo England Irish Setter Club until 31st August. Unfortunately the original code cannot still be used so a new one has had to  be issued and will have to be obtained again from the SEISCwebmaster. The AHT apologises for any inconvenience caused!

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Great news Jean, Bet you're over the moon :-)))

Sorry, that came up in the wrong place!

While I'm here, I'd like to thank those, especially Eva, Mel and Susan but also Dee and Lyn (we have a lot in common) and Pat and Sherry for their very positive comments. Some I choose to ignore!  

thank you debs
oooh   well done you, I am so very pleased for you
yes camilla well done on the results and as sue said sympathies to those with not so good results

Congratulations, great news:)

I'm glad your happiness.

I am waiting to test for the Magic.
Good luck with the test and congratulations for those that had clears....And thanks Deb for your kind words...you are very welcome...if you need to speak don't hesitate to get in contact if you need to...Dee
Very pleased for you and your dogs - and full of admiration for all of you who are or will be testing.
I agree Lynn the Carriers are still OK to be used and even the occasional Affected...(if it has lines that will be lost, and these lines are very precious to the breed) but as you say just be careful...and no the dogs don't need sympathy they don't realise....they just adapt....and they do that very very well......much better than I would...;o)
Sorry Lynn didn't mean that in that way, I knew what I meant but it didn't come out correctly, of cause I know that they wont need to adapt, I got on the wrong train of thought.....no offense ment..again sorry.. 

Dee,  I personally don't think AFFECTED dogs should be used for breeding under any circumstances.

Which ever way you look at it using a AFFECTED dog is always going to produce more of the defects that breeders are trying to clear from their lines.

You could breed affected to clear but the whole litter will be carriers so why bother.

Far better to breed from carriers and clears and test the puppies.






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