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Hi friends,

just want to find out what you think,excuse the morbid discussion. I have attended several funerals lately which has got me thinking deeper into the provision that I have made should any of my reds out live me.

I have named my eldest son as the person responsible for the future welfare of my dogs should this arise, he has 2 smaller dogs of his own and talking about a 3rd. If he can not cope with mine also he would have to re-home them.

I have now told him if he has this responsibility that I would like him to log on to this site as me, and offer them to members here. That way members can look up their age, health issues etc. and he can select should there be more than one offer the best home from reading profiles. Also this would mean that they would be more likely to be housed together, and not spend time in a rescue kennel.

what do you think ?

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As I have a couple of serious health conditions I have made provisions for what will happen to mine if something happens to me and who is to be contacted. One thing I have also done is give the person who will be responsible for them, vet details, and also details of what they eat, what I wouldn't want them to be fed, especially due to heath issues and how they need to be treated/handled. Another thing I could add to the the list is the words they respond to, so that the people who take them over will know how to communicate with them to help them feel more at ease.

Hi Angela


we had quite a big discussion about this in a previous post by Rob Winemaker called 'what would you do' have a read at this there is some interesting reading




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