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prutruding hip bones, need some help putting weight on her please!

Tried all the usual foods eg. chappie, james wellbeloved, but shes so thin. Shes wormed and bombs around like a looney! Healthy as healthy can be but would love to see a little more weight on her. Shes almost 7 and weighs 25kg. Would be brilliant if someone could give me some advice.

Her friend Rosie, on the other hand, is the other way, yet eats less than Duchess (thin one) so think she could lose some weight as she has arthritis in her back legs so the extra weight is doing her any favours. She could live on fresh air and still put weight on!


They are both Caspian breeding and have read that Caspian's are usually on the thinner side.

Can't wait to get some help! x

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Karen, I have changed my puppy over to raw food I highly recommend this he is thriving whereas when on dried food his coat was dry and his stools were very loose he's been on this food just under a week and I can see a change in his coat already plus firm stools if not sure how to go about this I looked on "Darlings" dog food  web site they are extremely helpful and give you all the guidance you need.  I've made up some food myself using the food processor as it's quite easy to do however very important to get quantities right they would probably advise you on raw food to bulk up your setter's diet although obviously you don't want him to be too weighty.  Hope this helps
thanks Theresa, I'll take a look !
You should read the postings under the headings 'Need to 'fatten' the boy up' and 'exercise and picky eating ' last commented on Friday.All sorts of ideas there.

Exercise and Picky Eating

Will do Howard, Thankyou

Hi Karen,


I managed quite successfully on raw tripe, it didnt take long either. Just add a small amount at first then gradually add more as she becomes accustomed to it, until you can get as much in her as she will take. My last one was very thin after her litter mates left and wouldnt eat, but it worked a treat. Also the James wellbeloved although a very good food wont put weight on, you would need to feed an awful lot to do that, which might help her friend Rosie. It is also very good for dogs that eat poo (lamb and rice).

Thank you very much Mary! Definitely going to give that a go. They do have tripe tubes and they love them, but they are cooked. So raw tripe might well be the answer as yet! They wont eat James Wellbeloved, very picky, but can give it another go (or something similar) for Rosie, i'm sure she'd probably eat it if it was given to her! haha




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