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I have a question which i hope to find an answer.
i know i want a Red setter, as i had one as a child
but not sure if i should get one now or when both my 2 elderly dogs are gone,
 i heard that when you introduce a boisterous puppy into an established
home, the elders feel that its time for them to die
which is horrible, i know
but then, i also heard that sometimes the elders teach the puppy
So i don't know what to think any more
i'm am lucky to be able to take my dogs into work, so they wouldn't be alone at any time.

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Hi mario.
How old are your oldies? and are they in reasonable health?
Contrary to what you've heard, I've always found a young puppy puts more life into the oldies, who usually
( after about a week of frothing at the mouth) decide they belong, and set about teaching them a thing or two, and find a bit more energy to do just that! We've had 15 Irish over the last 38 years, and started with one who got 'old' at about 8years...we then got a puppy and the oldie found a new lease of life and lived happily to about 11...this has continued since then, with no exception...of course we may just have been fortunate. I have to say we are careful to give the oldies time and space to sleep etc. without being bothered by the youngster, and also ensure that they are 'special' in their own right.
I'm sure other members will have their own tales to tell...hope you can then make the right decision for you and yours.
Yes as others have said it depends on your dogs and how they are and having space to be themselves .... A year ago I was in this exact position and asked lots of people some said yes some said no .... Our old boy (16)was a gentleman who did do well around pups but maybe I wasnt sure how a forever compainion would float his boat so I decided to leave it ..... My example is a huge age gap with a poor old boy who had cancer, that said after he had his first operaton to remove the tumour he bounced back and seemed to have lots of energy .... Its almost a year now since he died but whilst I do sometimes wonder what it would have been like I am glad I didnt as perhaps he wouldnt have had all the attenton he deserved and I wouldnt have Murphy now ..... You will know best despte what others tell you ..... go with your gut reaction.
I had to write another post just to tell you about this morning....we have a 13 year old currently, whose back legs are going...he struggles with his balance when he gets up, and takes a while to get under way. Well we also have a 6month old (and a few others) but he has been very respectful to the oldie and usually leaves well alone. This morning, after a walk, there was a huge kerfuffle going on and the window blind shot up to show 2 dogs having a wonderful time leaping around...I knew the pup was one, but imagine my surprise and delight when I saw the old boy charging around like a whirling dervish!!! When I called to them, he stopped, put his head on one side, looked me straight in the eye with a devilish glint in his own, and I could swear he winked at me! :-))
Long may it last....they're now curled up on a bed together in a blissful world of dreams:-))
Thank you for all your comments, will have to think long and hard now
and perhaps make a pro con list and see which one is longest
We went through exactly this earlier this year when we got Charlie, our setter. At that time Bonnie, our GSD who is 11 now was moping around and feeling very sorry for herself after we had lost our springer 6 months earlier.

Charlie's arrival sparked a whole new lease of life in Bonnie and they did, and still do get on like a house on fire. Far from telling her it was time to go she reverted to being a pup herself again.

As Charlie grew it was apparent he had more energy and wanted to play more than Bonnie and we made the decision we were not prepared to let Charlie run her into the ground so we got George, a 3 yr old rescue springer.

Now we have a very harmonious, if boisterous situation where the two youngsters play together more and Bonnie joins in at whatever level she wants to that particular day. Of course she still remains the boss!




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