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Can anybody give me information about the requirements for Rabies shots for dogs entering Poland?

Can a puppy under 3 months enter Poland wihout a rabies  shot ? If the dog has had a rabies shot, does it have to wait one month (or longer) before entering Poland , or can it enter Poland any time after having the shot?

Most EU countries (except the UK) dont require rabies vaccination for puppies under 3 months, only a Pet Passport and microchip

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Dee, one of mine went to Poland in September, he didnt have a rabies shot before he went, as my vet wont do it before three months at the earliest, no problem entering Poland.
I think there is a website on the internet which gives guidance about the requirements of many different countries for importing dogs. It seems quite authoritative, but in fact is often wrong.
I have also in the past made inquiries with UK based companies who specialise in animal transport and export, and have found that they also give wrong advice and information.
They will ask you to bring the dog to them two or three days before it leaves, so they can do all necessary paperwork ,vaccinations, parasite treatment and health certification and Pet Passport, for which they charge rip off prices, and also do some things which are not even required by the importing country
I do all my own paperwork and travel arrangements, and find it a lot simpler and less expensive
For most European countries a puppy under 3 months need only a microchip and Pet Passport, . There is a page for health certification in the Pet Passport (just make sure the vets complete it) , so you shouldnt need a seperate health cert for airtravel, whatever the pet transport specialists tell you
Didn't say Margaret but mine was over three months old, and it is compulsory at that age. this is what made it difficult. sorry that I didn't say that...
If the pup is going one way only it doesn't need the bloodtest either. We drove a puppy over to Copenhagen, Denmark a couple of years ago. Chilli was over 12 weeks so had her microchip done and rabies jab and because her owner had no plans to take her outside of Denmark she was able to have a 'Half Pet Passport' issued ie no blood test required. We drove over 2500 miles in 4 days but we did it because the cost was no more than flying her an so much less stressful for her. It meant we saw her transition from being our pup to being Kirstens' in a matter of hours lovely to see. We also went via the Eurotunnel which meant we were able to stay in the car with her too through France, Belgium, Holand and Northern Germany. Unfortunately we weren't able to go via Harwich - Esberg as they don't allow pets - probably due to the length of crossing - although it would have been simpler!




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