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Can anybody give me information about the requirements for Rabies shots for dogs entering Poland?

Can a puppy under 3 months enter Poland wihout a rabies  shot ? If the dog has had a rabies shot, does it have to wait one month (or longer) before entering Poland , or can it enter Poland any time after having the shot?

Most EU countries (except the UK) dont require rabies vaccination for puppies under 3 months, only a Pet Passport and microchip

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Last year I spoke to vet office on Warsaw airport and they told me that dog should be vaccinated. When I told them that a puppy will be to young to be vaccinated it occurred that they don't have special rules for puppies. I just think that this person that I spoke to had wrong information. There is no problem on normal border.
I know that at least 2 irish setters under 3 months old came to Poland by plane last year. Their owners are Aleksandra Janik and Ewa Wójcik so you could ask them for more details.
My vet in Scotland wont do a rabies vaccination on a puppy under 3 months, and prefers to wait until 5-6 months
I have transport arranged so the puppy could travel to Poland via Austria while still under 3 months, thinking that he wouldnt need to be vaccinated. I need to get this sorted out very quickly!
I have found some forum topics in internet. And now I am not sure... Tomorrow I can make a call and ask.
The truth is lot of dogs are imported and there is no problem to cross the border (with passport and microchip). Law says that polish dogs over 3 months old have to be vaccinated against rabies. The truth is I have never seen any vet checking documents on polish and other EU countries borders.
If the puppy is Under 3 months he can travel within the EU Without the rabies vaccination. But he must have a chip and passport;
These are the official European regulations - supplied by my 'customs officer' husband.
Those are EU recommendations, but countries can make different requirements if they choose to. So it doesnt apply in the UK or Italy. All dogs imported into the UK have to have a rabies shot plus a blood test six months later, so will be least 9-10 months before they can be imported. That's why I was checking on Poland
Well yes Margaret there are a few countries with special requirements but Poland is not one of them; I didn't post the whole EU regulations (they are regulations not only recommendations) and I attach the EU papers but only have them in French.
So for Poland it is as I said under 3 months only chip,passport and normal vaccinations; rabies not required, as the dog is coming from another EU country.

here is the Defra page and there's a link to the EU pages; if still in doubt call up the
Defra people;
Thanks, Frances! That is a big help.
you are right, usually puppies under 3 months do not need rabies vaccination in europe. italy is an exception, they changed the rules last year, there you need it. also Finland requires it. in some countries you don't even need a microchip, it is enough with an identification, like tattoo.
France is an exception too - we had a puppy go to Germany. They had to enter via Holland as France wont allow entry either without vaccination even under 12 weeks!!
Two of my puppies travelled via France to Austria last month, they had not had their rabies shots, and there was no problem. I've also had puppies fly with Air France via Paris to Germany and Austria, they hadnt had their rabies shots either
Hi there Margaret
If the puppy is around the 8 week mark you don't normally need the Rabies, but they do need their usual vaccinations from the UK, and chip and passport, when I sent my boy to Poland it seems that it is France that is the problem.. but my vet vaccinated at a couple of weeks after their last shot, (the boy that went to Poland didn't even realise that he had the injection, but the wee girl was really sick,) you do NOT have to wait until the Blood test come through, if they are just going one way (unless they will be coming back into the UK sooner rather than later.) then they can have the Blood test in Poland and wait the 6 months and then they can go anywhere, their passport will take them.
It is only when they come to go through France that you may have a problem, But from Scotland you could go to Zeebrugge and this cuts out France all together, I think...Hope this will help and that it is clear enough...a bit like mud.....sorry this is Defra's comments...




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