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I was wondering if anyone could recommend some breeders for Red and White Setters?


My husband grew up with red and whites and really wanted one when we got Darcey. The problem is I can't really find any breeders.


I've been on the Red & White Club but there aren't any on there - there was one litter in December but that is it.


I don't want to google for breeders as you don't know what you're getting.


So I thought, well, what better place to ask!


I'm in County Durham but I don't mind travelling anywhere in the UK. I'd rather travel and get a pup from a recommended breeder, than go just up the road and not know what I'm getting.


Thanks in advance :)

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Oh that would be handy! I'll have to see if I can find her, I also check both of those links.


Thanks to both of you :)

There is some info on this site on the IRWS group about a recent litter, there is also Margaret of the Dalriach affix (where my IRW comes from). Also if you go onto the IRW Club of GB website and go to the links page there are some links to breeders on there. If you were will to import an IRW there are a few very good litters due.


 Let us know what you come up with.

Thanks Danielle, I'll look into it.


I don't really want to import one though, I like to see them with their mother.


Plus i would feel guitly if it had to travel all alone at such a young age!

Import from the continent would be impossible anyway. Get in touch with Carol Gill (Diptonia) or Margaret Sierakowski (Dalriach), I am sure they can help you, in fact there is an excellent litter out of one of 'granddaughters' at Susie Lyus at the moment - here her email:



I have Dalriach and Caril Gill has them too.  Margaret is on Exclusively and she has a Facebook page Daltiach IRWS. Susie Lyus is on here and she has mated a bitch recently


Hope you fnd something nice

Looks like we may be sorted sooner than I thought thanks to Carol :)

Susie Lyus, who can be contacted through Facebook, still has two dog puppies looking for homes. They must be nearly ready to go.

Did you contact Carol about a good upcoming litter?

I may have a litter early summer.

Yes Margaret, Carol has mentioned that there mabe a litter coming up so I've given her my details.


It would be great if you could keep me in mind if you do have a litter this summer, that would be super!


It would be a bitch I'm looking for. Having Darcey, I don't want any accidental slip ups when she's in season if we go for a dog!

The mating that Carol mentioned happened last weekend, so we should know in about a month if the bitch is in whelp. It should be a good litter.

And I will let you know if I have a litter this summer, it is likely to be later rather than early summer

That would be great, thanks Margaret.




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