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  We are having trouble finding an irish thru the rescue. We have been owned by 3 irish. We are willing to drive for one either a puppy or adult. Anyone know of any available irish?? Please help.


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Hi Carol and welcome to ES. Have you contacted Irish Setter Club of America? Also Save Our Setters? Magnolia Setter Rescue? O

Trying to finish post...also try Irish Setter Rescue of North Texas. These are one I was looking at while haunting local Humane Society and rescues here for a year and a half. The luck of the Irish smiled at me one night while watching a Cardinal Baseball game....and Heidi became our Miss Molly. Patience paid off big time for us and sure came from a place I never dreamer of as Irish Setters are not common here. Good luck in your search.

Goodluck carol, lovely your happy to rescue an Irish :))

  We have been in touch with Bonnie at magnolia. They do have a setter we are considering. She is 8 so thats a concern because we just lost our 9 year old & our other 2 irish were only 11 & 12. Don't want to go through that again any time soon!! We got our last irish from the Irish setter club rescue. Still up in the air as to what to do.

Save our Setters has dogs looking for homes...perhaps you will find the right one there.

thanks to all, still looking

  Have a lead on some puppies, waiting for info & pics.

Hi Carol, I know 8 is aged but just think how happy she would be to be loved again and feel secure.  Give her a chance, go on, you know you want to.  I know there is a chance of loss but in the meantime you would get to know her and  make her happy.  I rescued a dalmation who was also 8, she is nearly 14 and despite her reputation as being difficult she has been delightful (and a handful).....

Please rush down to the centre and take her home, please.

  We just drove 300 miles to see some beautiful irish puppies. They are great. The eyes were just opening. So hard to choose just one, I wanted all of them. Now we need to be patient & wait  for him to be ready to come home with us. Now for a name, we have had a Casey, Shane & Dugan. Any ideas for us??


an irish dog might need an irish name..this link might be of help http://www.babynamesofireland.com/ ...

 I like..... Ruari...it means red and great king...I think!

Not a easy name to call out when your dog is off the lead though Howard...Ruuuuuuaaaaarrriiiiiiii  :))




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