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  We are having trouble finding an irish thru the rescue. We have been owned by 3 irish. We are willing to drive for one either a puppy or adult. Anyone know of any available irish?? Please help.


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  Mister Brady is doing well. He made the 300 mile trip with no issues.He has been extremely good about going out to potty. Only 2 accidents so far. We did take him to the neighbors last night bc we had dinner show tickets. He was also good there. So far so good. Now if he would just learn not to bite.OUCH

I never knew puppies had such needle sharp teeth until I got my Irish! 

I actually got to the stage when I was wearing wellies in the house just to give my ankles a rest!  that stage doesn't last long - but it seemed a lifetime at the time.  :0)

Enjoy your puppies Kimberly and Carol when they arrive :)) I truly envi you. Myself and my daughter visited Ruby and Poppys breeder today and she has a litter expected in early march, the setters she has are devine. I know if I wait patiently I will eventually have an Irish from a puppy. We had lots of grooming lessons and a most enjoyable day:)) and we are going back for puppy socializing days..... Can't wait.

We want to wish you good luck, we have 10!

  Well we are really into the puppy biting stage, brady chews on everything including us. Took him to the park to wear him out. He slept all the way home & now is ready to go again. I really did forget how busy a puppy can be.

  He has potty trained very easily. He now sits for a treat & is staring to give his paw when he can keep focused.

  Well the biting still continues, any suggestions??

Dougal is getting a lot better but I'm anxious to read the advice you receive Carol! Their teeth are so sharp!

  I just don't remember the other 3 biting so much. The more we try to stop him the more he seems to bite.

How old is he? Bess stopped the nipping when she was 16 weeks old. The only thing that worked for us before then were timeouts. When she got too nippy we'd take her out the room and leave her for 30 secs to a minute and then let her in again. Any longer and she wouldn't make the connection with why she was put out. As in most training you have to be consistent. Sometimes she was in and out like a yo yo.

A mother dog would walk away from a pup if its biting too hard - as we didn't want to keep leaving the lounge this was our version of that.

  He's just 13 weeks. we have tried putting him in the crate when he gets to excited. I'm afraid he will associate that with punishment & not go in at night. He has been great about training & sleeping in the crate. Now if he would just not bite. Our last irish was blind so very calm. This has been quite the adjustment for us.


Try just putting him out of the room - or removing yourselves.  Just for a very short time.  It will stop - I promise you!  Although I know it seems like it never will.  The other thing to do is to put something in his mouth that he can chew when he tries to chew you. 

I remember the day clearly when I suddenly realised that I was actually cuddling my pup without being bitten!  It seemed a long time coming!

 Thanks for all the suggestions. We will try to work with him on them. We will be heading back to mi. soon so he will have much more room to romp. Maybe that will help also.




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