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  We are having trouble finding an irish thru the rescue. We have been owned by 3 irish. We are willing to drive for one either a puppy or adult. Anyone know of any available irish?? Please help.


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I must confess to putting our reds ear in her mouth when she was biting It didnt stop her but I felt better

Carol with all my Irish pups who came home at 12 weeks I used a consistent answer to baby nips....got up from the floor (or put puppy down) with a gentle tap on nose and firm no....then gave them an acceptable toy to chew on...wait a wee bit and repeated my cuddling or playing...and repeated corrective action immediately when baby nips started again...did not take long for them to figure out nip meant I was done playing with them....problem then became "Oh..boy give Mom a toy and she will play with me.."..just even touching it was the go sign it seemed....and that continued even into old age for all of them. Good luck and remember about the time you start worrying about something they find something new to "devil" you with.

  We are just hoping he gets the message soon. We are going back to mi. to the grandkids & don't want them to be afraid to play with him.This 1400 mile trip should also be interesting.


  • Ohhh...a stop and romp trip.....think how well the leash training will be by time you finally see the grandchildren.....but I agree trip will be interesting and wee bit long with the extra stops. Perhaps by the time you arrive it will be tug of war time with grandchildren's shoelaces instead of puppy love nips.

  He is getting just a tad better, maybe we are expecting too much too soon.




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