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Would anybody know of a  Red Setter Sitter service in the Hampshire area in the UK.  My Setter is now 12, and I am looking for somebody who could look after her while I am away.



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You could try contacting one of the home sitter services.

If you lived closer to me I would have looked after your oldie for you, no problem.

Maybe someone who lives closer to you could help out.

THank you for your kind offer, I will try the animal aunts, or another I heard of called Barking mad

barking mad is excellent, actually we use thir branch in London for home boarding while we are on holiday (not for pet sitting) and we had a wonderful service and lot for love for Oberon from his hosts!!


Hello Lin, very often people who look after pets in their own homes advertise on the vets notice board, might be worth looking. I have a friend who when she lived in Surrey, for many years she used to have just one dog at a time to board with her in her own home, it was all organised by an agency operating on that area. My friend now lives near Bognor, although I know she has not continued to take dogs since she moved. If you get stuck I could ask her if she would.

Animal Aunts is a very good agency. I have used them twice this year.

For Facebookers, this service is run by Sam Setters mummy.  I would certainly be giving her a call. I would love her to look after my dogs.



Hi, my name is Hilary Crosswell (go to my page and you can see all about me)!

I live in Hampshire and pet/house sit.  It would depend whereabouts in Hampshire and when you are looking to go away as to whether I could offer you my services.  But would be happy to discuss this with you privately :o)

Best regards


Hi Hilary


Thank you for your kind offer, Tia would be happier if she was the only pet otherwise it would of been ideal for me. We live quite close in Basingstoke, but if you do hear of anybody I would be most interested to hear from you.  We are going away on New Years Eve, for 15 days it is quite away off, but I need to feel happy with leaving Tia behind.  Also Tia hates Fireworks which is something we get alot around here, it just adds to her vulnerability.


Kind Regards


Hi Lin

I do actually house/pet sit in the owners own home and my dogs stay at my home with my husband. 

However a friend of mine's daughter has a business called Paramount Pet Care  Her name is Alex and her mobile number is 07837176684 alternatively you can contact her through her website which is www.paramountpetcare.vpweb.co.uk

I took the liberty of telling her that you might call, I hope you don't mind!

Best wishes





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