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Calling all setter owner/devotees in Northern/Southern Ireland and indeed further afield.

Following on from the last meet-up discussion on the forum, a firm date of Sunday 18th of September at 1300 hours on Downhill beach near Castlerock has been set for the first setter meet. Come prepared for all weathers and bring refreshments for yourselves and your setters. Parking will be on the beach itself. Initial confirmations so far include myself & Noreen,Kim & Drew Smyth, David & Chantal McIveen-Wright, Rita Wilson and Carmel Murphy. So,spread the word and lets make it a first setter meet up to remember! 

Yours in sincere friendship,


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We might not be able to make this now :( Rosco has been coughing for 3 days and is on a course of antibiotics. His immune system is low and he needed something to help. A swab has been sent of to UCD to see if it's kennel cough or not. If it's contagious I won't be able to take the other dogs as it could be still in their system. 



Very sorry to hear that Rita, and really hope Rosco will be well very soon. Strange coincidence in fact, as I just came back from the vet and had Darwin done for the kennel cough, the vet mentioned that there is quite a lot of dogs suffering from it here at the moment ... but hopefully it will not be the case for Rosco and everything will be fine very soon. Cuddles to all your tribe  :-)
Sorry to hear about Rosco Rita. Fingers crossed that you will be able to make it!

So sorry to hear about Rosco, Rita hope he recovers soon was so looking forward to meeting you and the gang 

all the best Martina and girls

Well Ole has been diagnosed with Kennel Cough and he's suffering pretty bad. Vet said we should stay away from other dogs as it contagious. So unfortunately we cannot make it this weekend, Trevor and myself are gutted about it. I really was looking forward to meeting everyone :(


Sorry to hear about Ole, and let's hope he is over it soon. Sure we can all meet up with you another time!

All the best, David

We are only a few hours away so it isn't hard to meet up at Downhill beach again.
Tape it and give us the pleasure of your company!!!  :-)

Er, at least Geoff has sense. How could you even mention the unmentionable on this site Finn!!!!!!!!

I suppose thats me in your dog house now.......and as for Carmel's girls, i dare'nt even talk as himself is sitting beside me drooling about them as i type!   Anyway, back to the serious stuff. We're nearly there and the only thing to do now is cross fingers for kind weather. Looking forward to meeting you all for sincere friendship and wishing everyone a safe journey. Regards, James & Romeo.


BBC's weather forecast for the Coleraine area

Saturday to Monday

A bright day on Saturday with scattered, occasionally heavy and thundery, showers. The showers will die out during Sunday with a spell of rain on Monday. Max temp 15C.

Many thanks Barbara, Harry and Alfie!!!  we will takes tons of pictures and will have extra fun for you  :-)
Many thanks Debbie, you will be there too - in my heart and we will make plenty of pictures for you!




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