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Did anybody see the lovely photo of 3 setters being walked in Regents Park in London yesterday? It appeared in the Daily Express today over an article about the sunny weather.  It's nice to see there are Setters in London.  I have never taken mine to a big city even though we are only 4 miles from one.  We are holidaying in Yorkshire this year and I do want to go into York, so my 2 girls will finally get to see one (I better start working on walking to heel on the lead!!!)

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They were in The Times as well.Gorgeous dogs!

ha ha !! would you have a link? I cant find this picture.. We leave in london and we regularly go around (tube, bus, etc) with Oberon. It is a city so  nice and friendly and every tourist take a picture, every kid ask for a pat and a cuddle;)

(last saturday they opened the Covent Garden tube station only for us, it was temporarily exit only,  because I mentioned to the staff that I have a bad shoulder and it was difficult for me to use  the nearby leicester square station where  I was supposed to lift Oberon in the elevator.. they just smiled and opened the door for us only :) ) I couldnt believe :)

You might be surprised at how well your dogs are capable of walking to heel on a lead - we take our girl with us wherever we go and the more crowded a place does get, the better 'behaved' Joy is. She just kind of sticks to my side - the summer before last it was hot as well, so I could just lay the lead over Joy's back and let go altogether - she would just stay by my side - and Joy is a very free spirited girl; I can not just let her off to run free at home and in our forest. Alas, in town, it's different...

We regularly holiday in Wales, mostly we stay on the beach but sometimes venture into the towns....we don't get  anywhere fast as everyone wants to pat, cuddle or just chat about the three "beautiful" dogs we have with us!!  The three boys are generally very well behaved and seem to take it all in their stride, even though they are used to country walks and woods!! The Welsh are very dog friendly people, the main reason we keep going back, along with the stunning countryside!!




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