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Dear ES friends can you help me.?

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 (1) October 2013

Just thought I would share this with you, it is funny in an unfunny way !!!!!!!!!!!!

Elsa had her first season 3 months ago, 3 weeks ago she started making milk but no other signs, no nesting, toy cuddling and not off her food. Any way last week she still had milk so I took her to the vet as she may need to have something to dry it up. The vet examined her and said if I wish to give her another week that should be ok as her glands where normal, I prefer not to give unnecessary drugs so went with this. The other evening she was paying a lot of attention to cleaning one area, so I took a look in case she had a thistle or twig in her fur, and in fact she was feeding on her own milk, (no wonder she was still making milk. )

(2) November 2013

As I could not prevent her doing this and unable to find a natural solution, the vet has put her on a 5 day course of Galastop ( not happy about this but could not see an alternative.)

(3) April 2014

Well back from the vets, so pleased that I made myself go back to my trusted vet. Elsa has lumps around 2 of her nipples so you understand my worry, the vet thinks it can be rectified with medication after giving her a full health check so has a weeks supply.  The vet can't rule out removal at this time but said her coat was fantastic and she looks so healthy that she is confident surgery should not be necessary, see what happens in the next week.

(4) April 2014

Back to the vet today, not good news. Elsa`s lumps have not responded to the meds as well as the vet hoped, so tomorrow they are going to remove one for biopsy. I am so worried just can't believe this baby can have much wrong with her she is such a treasure and so happy and energetic. It`s going to be a long few days till we get the results.The vet said it could be related to her season, but there is no signs of her second season fingers and paws tightly crossed.


Results are now back, Elsa`s lump is not cancer, it is hormone based fatty tissue ( which could become cancer ). The vet is concerned that when she has seasons this will happen  again adding to the lumps she already has, he has suggested that I have her spayed, and I just don't know what to do.Elsa is 22 months old and has only had one season.
Please has anyone had this experience and how did you deal with it.
Thank you so much   

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Hi Angela. Sorry to hear of Elsa's problems. I have no experience of this so not much help I'm afraid.

I'm not one to advocate speying or castration for any other reason than medical ones. And there you have a medical problem...I think vets like speying before 1st season to avoid risk of mammary cancer in the future. Seems like a sledge hammer to crack a nut as it may never happen, but with Elsa you have clear indication that she has hormonal related issues so definitely you need to give this credence. You could, of course, wait and see what happens at next season.

If you had intended breeding from Elsa this would be an even bigger decision to deal with?

Just some ramblings from me and I hope you get responses from others with more experience. You will make the best decision for Elsa and you when you have time to digest this unwelcome news.

All the best.

Thank you Sue for your reply, I have thought of nothing else over the last few days. Elsa had her first season in August last year and must be nearly due her second, not a good time to have her spayed. My vet is very experienced and if he thinks this is best I feel I should listen but I like you believe this should only be done as a last resort,  but if she makes more lumps they will have to be removed , my head is just spinning.

We go back Friday to have her stitch es removed, the vet said we can talk about it then, so I shall make a list of questions before that and hope the answers will make that decision for me. Thank you so much your post has helped 

Hello Angela, I read your post but didn't want to answer as I'm quite inexperienced with all of these health problems, our sweet Irish can have :o) Remember I'm emotional at this present moment after losing a much loved furbaby! But. If you have a strong repoire with your vet....go with there advise! Your Elsa has her whole life ahead of her speyed or not she's still your Elsa :o)) I also understand like Sue said, if you were breeding I guess...yes, that's not going to happen.... You'll still have your sweet girl. I hope I haven't spoken out of turn...I'll keep you in my thoughts as you make a very hard desision. Take care Dianne & Irish x

Thank you Dianne, you never speak out of turn and I appropriate your reply. As Elsa must be close to a season I have decided nothing can be done until about August, and her next season will determine if this problem is likely to be ongoing, so providing my vet has nothing other than what he has already told me on the phone, then I must postpone any decision until the summer. If I were to let Elsa have a litter it would only be with another setter, and I understand there hip score and PRA4 to test for first and yes it is a big commitment to safeguard the future of all puppy's.Apart from all of that Elsa is still so young and I believe dogs should only have litters between 2 1/2 and 5 years old, and Elsa is not 2 until June.

I would still appreciate your comments dear friends, I wish to consider everything just to get it right.     

Many years ago we had an Irish X collie bitch who was the best of both breeds.

She developed mammary tumours that were not malignant .This was despite the fact that she had been spayed some years earlier due to pyometra.

If I was you I would take your vet's advice it is probable that it will help having her speyed.I think we were just unlucky.

We seem to have had every illness possible since having our first setter 30 odd years ago!

Joan and I wish you and Elsa well.


My Molly is 4 I spoke to our vet about spaying. He said if medical problems like u r experiencing or any other then he would recommend spaying for Molly
I feel for u and hope u can decide what to do
Years ago my setter Millie developed a lump on the side of one of her nipples following her second season, she was about two & half years old at the time. The lump increased in size over a few weeks and she went in to have the nipple removed, it was an adenoma. It took me months to pluck up the courage to have her spayed, and I felt very guilty because I think my main reason for not going ahead was the thought of her coat going stringy. She lived until 10yrs old and died of heart problems. One problem she did have was slight incontinence, she was always a little "leaky" but propalin seemed to control the problem.
My current bitch was spayed a year ago aged 6. she has epilepsy and fitted a week before coming in to season so it just made sense to eradicate anything that might have been a trigger. Recently she has been a little leaky too. Her coat is beginning to go fluffy.

It has always been a hard decision for me to make and my bitches have always been spayed for a health reason and not just because vets recommend it.

Best wishes to you and Elsa

Thank you Lorraine for your input, Elsa has not had her second season yet but must be due. I shall decide after this season if this will be necessary. 




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