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Hi Everyone - Several people have mentioned experiencing issues with the site. I have sent two in to Ning Support be worked:

- One member can log in but people can't see her in the search results or respond to her posts.

- There are issues with discussions showing (initial posts) and replies.
I will be curious if this shows.

Both have been sent into Ning support for resolution. If you see any others, please let me know.

Thanks for your patience.


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Hi Gennadi - Thanks for the update. Glad it is working for you. I can't see my original post. Glad you replied to it. Hopefully, they will address these issues soon. At least these don't happen too often.
Hi Gene, thanks for taking this up with Ning.
Hi all I have had trouble. Keep having to 'switch off' and then re enter the site. Like you Susan haven't been getting any feed back from the site when people leave me a message, unlike you I haven't got the faintest how to do anything about it, just thought that it was me, (technophobe.)
Hi Dee - Sorry that you are having issues too. Although you are probably impacted by the same issue as Susan, you might try what she did. Go into Settings, then the Email section, and click on the boxes for the emails you are interested in. Please let me know how it works for you.
Hi Susan - Thanks for your message. You did exactly what I would have suggested - go into Settings, then Email, and check the boxes for the emails you are interested in receiving. I will add this to our list of issues with Ning.
Some additional thoughts to add to this. When this site was created in early July 2007, Ning supported 80,000 social networks such as ours. In late October of this year, it was up to 550,000. Recently, they crossed the 600,000 barrier. So, they are growing not only in the number of social networks but also the size of the existing social networks (like ours).

It is very difficult to plan/forecast/prepare for this type of growth from an Information Technology/Infrastructure standpoint. Not making excuses, but it is difficult.

I recall fall of 2007 we had quite a few performance/site outage issues and they got us through this. Hopefully, these are just growing pains that are a temporary bump in the road.
It looks like the second issue has been resolved. Does anyone see any examples of it still? Please let me know if so. Thanks!
im still having problems getting on to my page again. tried both though mozilla and bt but both lock me out of my page.i can get to the other pages ok.when it did it before it was a month ago but sometimes when this happens it will go on for days and even a week before i can access all ok.
Hi Sandra -Sorry that the site is still misbehaving. When you say Mozilla do you mean FireFox? I am not familiar with BT. Have you tried IE7 or FireFox 3?

When you say you have 'problems getting on to my page', do you mean you can't sign in, you can't update your page, or you can't see your page?

Have you tried deleting your temporary Internet files and clearing your browser cache? Be sure and shut down your browser after doing this before trying to get to your page again.

Sorry for all of the questions.
my access is firefox havent got firefox3.dont know IE7.i cant access my page. i get the others ok normally there have been times when some of the others ive have no access to.What i do is try both my different ways to access the site sometime s one will work and the other will not.then other times nothing works.so i have to give it a few days and try again. luckily ive recieved your mess and am able to reply
Hi Sandra - Sorry about all the issues the site is causing you. IE7 is Internet Explorer 7.

When you say you can't access your page, do you mean you get a PAGE NOT FOUND or some bad response when you click on MY PAGE or you can't make changes to it?

What 'different ways to access the site' work and what do not?

Please let me know so I can try and help. Thanks!
when i click my page nothing happens at all just stops where i am after it opens up on main page.from there i can click and go into the rest of the site.so it means i cannot change or get to do anything from my page.
my other directive is internet explorer dont know the no though. assume its the same.




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