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I know the standard size is around 27 inches and 75 pounds. My 20 months old is about 104 pounds and looks rather like a small pony. EVERYONE I meet asks if Irish Setters are really that big, they have never seen a tall one like mine before. I am starting to wonder. He is from a well known breeder in Canada. My previous setter was not as tall. Are there any more tall and muscular ones out there?

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Hi Patricia, well there are a few rather tall ones around... but exactly how big is yours when meausred at the withers? I have seen some of around 72cm which is I consider pretty big.
I tried looking at your photos but it is impossible to assess size having to comparison.
Has your dog been castrated before he was a year old? That is said to prolong growth and you may end up with a dog 1-2 inches taller than he would normally have been.
Tobin is 29.5 inches which is 75 cm and weighs 47 kg - no fat just muscles. Yes, he was castrated before he turned one. My big baby :)
Wow! Some setter:-)))
Heard from quite a few agility people that they do not recommed neutering dogs until their growth plates are closed as it can cause the dogs to be very tall. They did a survey and all the neutered dogs were shown to be leggy and taller. They do not want their dogs to be tall. The taller the dog the higher the jump height.
oh wow, that is a great explanation. Haven't seen him jump the dog park fence yet. Thanks Kathie
We don't have a height or weight standard for Irish in Australia. Fionni is around 25 inches tall and weighs 32 kgs. He is on the average size for what I've seen here so far.




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