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My 5 year old Irish has a small bump, growth on the outer side of her paw.  I take her running in the weeds and grass so I thought she could have something in her paw. The growth is not textured like a wart, it is smooth and black, a little oblong in shape.

It is black colored, doesn't seem to hurt.  I believe it is growing.  The vet put her on antibiotics about 3 weeks ago and the lump did not go down. 

I will return to the vet for further tests.  I have read that Irish Setters are prone to a melanoma that will appear on the paw.  I thought she is a little young for some cancers.

Can anyone give me feedback about your experience with growths on the paws?

Thank you for any response.

Judi Schuerman

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Thank you! I will have it removed.

Hamilton had a lump on his paw 4 mths ago the vet thought it was probably an infection so treated him with a course of antibiotics. The lump didn't decrease in size so sedated him to remove it and the biopsy came back as being a deep seated infection. Hamilton was put on 2 courses of antibiotics specifically for this type on infection and 4 weeks later it had healed completely. Hope all is ok with your IS Judi

Annie won't let me look at the lump now.  I'm not sure if it hurts or she is tired of me fussing with her.  She does have lots of hair on her paws and between her paw pads.  She has been on two antibiotics because she had grass seeds removed from her ear about 1 month ago.  Her urine had a high PH.  After the first antibiotic the PH went down.

She gets me up during the night to go outside frequently.  I'm looking forward to finding out what the lump is.  Thank you for your response.


Yes, she did have a urinary tract infection about 3 weeks ago.




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