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Since my wife and I have had Irish Setters we seem to have run the range of medical problems from

A to Z.

The strangest was with Fred  who is my ,very healthy, seven year old.When he was a puppy we noticed a small lump on his neck just above his chest.It got bigger and when he was about 6 months old the vet investigated and thought it was nothing to worry about,By the time he was year old it was even bigger so the vet decided to remove it.When I went to the Veterinary Hospital to collect Fred the vet handed me a sample tube with a strange red haired thing inside it.It looked like an embryo and it was! Fred had absorbed one whilst in the womb.The vet ,nor any of the staff, had ever seen such a thing .

I 'phoned the person who bred him and she was amazed and then ,laughingly ,said " I should have charged you double ,you got two for the price of one!"

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ohhh , my! that belongs in an oddity news article.  I bet you were so happy it was not something life threatening .

How weird!!! Could turn this in a Hollywood horror film........perhaps.......
that's kind of weird but not unknown in humans. saw documentaries on it, with embryos in knees, etc. btw, there was also an episode in House M.D. :-)

And if we get some more strange replies we can write a new TV show: DogHouse :)

We already have one episode!

Nope, not all that unusual in humans. I was born with an embryo under the skin of my eyebrow. Lucky for me it didn't develop or we would have been conjoined twins. Prior to the surgery to remove it, they had thought it was a brain tumor pushing through the softspot. Like your Fred's, it contimued to grow as well. For those of you from the US who are over the hill like me, C. Evertt Coop was the surgeon who removed it. Sure glad he turned out to be such a good doctor! 
I'm glad you are ok and that Fred is not alone!
you'll have to change Fred's name to 'bogof '  (buy one get one free)




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