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What do you think the general cost of a stud fee (in UK) unproven but nice and promising stud dog would charge?

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Ihave also never heard of the stud owner have a pick of the litter, yet I have heard that the stud fee is the cost of a puppy, therefore anyone know why there is such a huge range of price of a puppy. I believe £700 is the standard rate?(ish)


I do consider the term 'proven' as a sire of puppies not necessarily of winning puppies the latter being very favourable.

I have followed this discussion with much interest, and looking forward to further comments and opinions from all around the world preferably Europe. It would be nice to see clear how these things and protocols work in the UK and in other countries. I also want a fair charge when it may come to someone wants my dog's service as a stud. Differences will be everywhere I guess, but would be nice to know what you find a fair and friendly price for a mating? What the price actually depends on?

Type, appearence, bloodline suits my bitch or not, pedigree, character, offspring already produced ....... show results, being well known or rarely shown, maybe a Champion or not etc... or is there anything else that counts? It's my order of importance, but these are just a few from the many to take under consideration when chosing a stud dog ... the list is very long anyway. However, none of the aboves should rise or low the stud fee, I think.
When my dog was used for stud,many years ago,the payment was either 'pick of the litter' or the price of a puppy.

When my boys have been used I've usually had a pup back...English Setters are now selling for £950-£1000 each, I would be astounded if anyone charged or expected to pay a stud fee of that amount, show champion or not.

I've also used dogs I liked rather than go for the trend to use the latest winner, you have to look at the overall package and whether the dog would compliment your bitch.  With the English we also have the quandry of mating an orange belton to orange belton and only getting orange pups, so most tend to look for a different colour stud if they have an orange bitch.

Wendy, I've had the pleasure of seeing your boy in the flesh, (I know Keith and Gill :-) ), and he is absolutely beautiful.

Hi Sheree gosh ES £950 to £1000 :-) It seems there is a range of price for IS pups too!

I like you, choose a dog I like not what is the flavor........ we have some very nice IS boys around at the moment.

Re Denver thanks he is so lovely we are very proud of him, he is pleasure (except when he wont eat) he is now thinking of sex, Gill and Keith have 5 ES girls so someone always coming in or out of season - boys and hormones!!

We have high hopes of a good show career he adores Grandad Keith, we have trouble getting to the shows due to commitments so Keith kindly shows him for us.

We fell in love with him at 7 weeks and then introduced him to Gill and Keith who also fell in love with him (luckily) :-)




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