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Dear all
I am posting for advise I recently started mastering the art of descaling and teeth cleaning, not with so much joy from oberon but, poor boy, he is very cooperative I must say; )

We did professional under gum cleaning once so far when he was nearly 5years old. Oberon is six now. More or less, how often do you book this? I know it depends on the dog but just to have an idea. ..Some websites say yearly but it sounds a lot to me (thought the anesthetic should be mild ...)

The obi teeth are sparkling now but since I do lot of cleaning with wipes etc I am worry there may be stuff left undergum that goes unnoticed. ..All the best and thanks !!

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My boy disliked any attempts at cleaning his teeth so much that I stopped trying it. Overall I had his teeth cleaned three times professionally at the vets, and it was done at the same time as he was under anaesthetic for other procedures (x-rays & tooth removal). I would only recommend doing it if it is necessary. There is no such thing as risk free anaesthetic! He loved dentasticks though!!!

Hi Silvia

I just read your very kind words on Hobson's last blog. Thank you.

A product I use for teeth cleaning is Petzlife. I used to import it from the USA but it is now available in Australia. The postage cost was more than the product but it was worth it because this product really works! If you cannot purchase it locally the postage cost may not be as high for you. I have tried the Salmon and Peppermint in a Gel and a Spray and I found the Peppermint Spray was the best. 

Take care and sending hugs to you and Oberon xxxx

I go to the slaughterhouse and get dog bones
Gums and teeth are very healthy

thanks everyone!!!! OHH Oberon is also  addicted to dentasticks, i think there must be something illegal inside that makes them soo addictive, ha ha  ;))) Obi  is just jumping like a mad when he sees the box ; )

ok, i have also found some excellent products, including some lovely microfiber finger toothbrush that seem to work wonder (and they are more easily accepted then some nasty plastic stuff in my mouth, says Oberon; ) 

it was just for  the undergum that i am not sure how to deal about,.. i guess we just keep watching the gums.. and thanks Mario, I also started bones at some point, but they dont work for him. When raw Oberon is not impressed, and if cooked he may love,  but of course they splint,,,, so we gave up; )

all the best and thanks everyone!




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