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I want to thank each and everyone who responded to my question; "How do you play?" About the only name I recognized was "Ms." Londa Warren - she and I crossed path's many years ago'
I attend a Hall of fame induction in Grand Junction every February. A mutual friend (Delmar Smith) and I get to see each other every year at that event. "Ms." Londa's name came up, and Delmar had nothing but high praise for her.
I must admit, that I feel a little bit like a duck out of water with this group because of my background. Oh yes, I loved the Irish Setter very much, but it was the bitter trutH, that you couldn't make a living with them.in FDSB competition.So I becameI involved with the NRSFTC and their "Red Setter" program for many years and I'm proud of the fact that this group has made tremendous strides in putting their type of red dogs back into the field.
I do appreciate your replies to my post - Keep in touch.

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