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The Secret Life of the Dog - BBC Horizon Documentary

There was an interesting Horizon documentary on the relationship between humans and dogs on BBC yesterday. Unfortunately there were no setters in it but it was interesting nevertheless. It is available on iplayer for those of you who would like to watch it:


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Yes I watched this and thought it was very interesting. Didn't like to see all the foxes in the cages though !!!!
only for UK viewers:o(
Just found out that it's on youtube in six parts....


Didn't like the foxes in wire cages either although it is amazing what they have found out by 'domesticating' them. What I found such an intriguing was that human civilization as we have it today may not exist if we didn't have dogs.

Also, just realised that there is a parallel discussion on the programme. Probably best to close this one.
Watched just over half got to the foxes bit and then got a visitor, but will watch the rest later...Thanks so much Nicole for bringing our attention to this program.
I think that we all here could have told the scientist all about it, they needn't have spent all that money on research, we would have done it for, perhaps half....ha ha...;o))
Thank you Nicole! I managed to watch the whole film:-))




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