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...are your Setters allowed to sleep in/on your beds? `Just asking.....


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Rio was barricaded in the kitchen most nights when he was younger, he discovered how to escape and would come upstairs and just sit next to the bed 'ever so pleased with himself!', - one morning, not ready to get up, I patted the bed and he jumped on next to me, my husband said 'you've started something now!' and indeed I had - he has been jumping on ever since!.

After for his last toilet trip of the day he takes himself and large teddy bear off to bed, he doesn't sleep on the bed all night, jumping on and off when he wants, very rarely disturbs us, sometimes he will take himself off to sleep in the other bedrooms, his bed is in our bedroom but I can't remember the last time he slept on it!.

Am amazed at how much of our super king bed he takes up at times, makes me smile when both husband and Rio are laying on their backs, deep asleep and snoring!.   

Rio has the run of the house just as Jinty had before him,  'love me, love my dog!', he is companionable, loving, and a joy,  I would not have him any other way!,  he has been a great comfort to me over the last year whilst my husband has been undergoing treatment for lung cancer.

Rio knows his place and is a happy and well adjusted dog!.


 My five dogs all live indoors but are not allowed in my bedroom.

They have their own bedroom next door to mine!

Riley and Fiona boh sleep on the bed. They love it! And I loge sleeping with them. Riley likes putting his head on top of me while we're sleeping. At times though it gets annoying because he like to steal my pillow and sleep my side. Fiona just sleeps at the feet. She hasn't started trying to take up the bed yet. I give it two more months though. 
I thought it was only the girls who sleep like this but obviously not. He is so cute.
I heart that there're two kinds of people: these who sleep with their dogs and these who admit to do that ;]

Errol must be very un-Setter like. He has his bed in the kitchen-diner which is closed at night with a dog gate so he can't pester us. But he's allowed on the couch/armchair until we go to bed at night and on the bed (with permission) during the day if one of us has a snooze. However, he often doesn't stay with us even if we encourage him. He spends 10mins really intensely cuddling up and then suddenly moves onto the floor where he remains until the whole thing starts all over again.

He was poorly over the weekend with a stomach bug and we left the kitchen gate open to allow him to move freely. The first night he ended up downstairs in the lounge. The second night he came up into the bedroom and proceeded jumping on the bed / off the bed several times over the course of the night - it was a right pain. No wonder he's back sleeping downstairs in the kitchen... 

And yes, having sex whilst being watched by a four-legged perv is not my idea of fun...  ;)


love the last sentence......
laughing so hard right now I am almost falling out of my chair!  KC especially if they decide to check things out! 
i pretty much woke up this morning to that comment. I laughed and laughed. Some humor for the day.
and so true,we'd have four curious dogs! Best birth control there is!
Howard their way of being sure they are the Red Headed Babies in your home? :)




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