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Today three years ago to this minute you were laying in my arms on the sofa.  We had been told you had got hours to live.  I could feel your muzzle cold on my chest, your breathing slowing down.  It took all your strength and your might to hang in there until your dad came home, then you collapsed.  We got you to the vets and we said our goodbyes.  I will never ever forget that day we lost you, and tomorrow we close the chapter on this house and we move to a new house.  The memory of losing you will never fade, and although your little brother Ollie is here and giving me huge cuddles now, it will never take the pain away of losing you at 11 months old.  You were too young and I miss you every single day.  Ollie would have love to have known you.

You are always in our hearts little girl, and I'll look out for your rainbow that you left us on the way home from the vets that day.

Sleep well little girl.  You'll never know how much I miss you x x x x x

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So young ,I know you think of her every day, but today must be so hard. take care x

What a very sad story, and no wonder you cannot forget your little girl!!! what happened to her to leave so young? 

Oh it must be so hard, such a young baby, thinking of you x

What a sad story Nicky! What happened to your Eva that you lost her so young?

She was diagnosed with Auto Immune Hymolitic Anaemia on the day that she collapsed.  They ran blood tests while I took her home and when we got back they said basically she was destroying her own red blood cells, hence the white gums.  They could have done blood transfusions but they said for the rest of her life she would have been in and out and by the time we got her back to the vets the vet actually advised us to put her to sleep as she was clearly suffering, even though we knew it's what had to be done.  He said he hadn't seen it so severe from the blood sample in such a young dog and he gave her a 10% chance of survival through the night and 20% chance of making it to her first birthday.  I could see she was suffering so much I just cried because I couldn't bear to see her in pain and know that she would live her life like that, however short it may have been.  I'll always wonder could we have tried more but I remind myself that the vet said she was suffering and the chances were so low for her, even if they had a successful transfusion her quality of life would have been in the vets most of the time.

I do urge people to check their dogs gums every single day, if that can be Eva's legacy, and if you notice any discolouration from the pink colour then get them to the vet IMMEDIATELY.  I saw how much Eva suffered that day and in hindsight she may have always suffered to a degree as she was always a quiet, very calm dog.  Total opposite to any other setter I knew and know but I just thought that was her personality, it never occurred to me that she had a ticking time bomb of an illness.

Thanks Nicky for telling us about the illness. I hesitated a long time before asking you what happened, I did not want to be perceived as just curious but I want to learn as much as possible to avoid being in dramatic situation with my boys. As far as I am concerned it will be Eva legacy, and I will certainly check my dogs gums regularly.

Very sorry again for your little girl Nicky, loosing our pets is horrible enough but at that age it is even worse as they did not had a chance to enjoy a life. Hopefully you have found the way in your heart to remember all the good memories that you have shared together to balance your sorrow. Big hugs from me.

Thank you Nicky for telling us about the illness of your poor Eva. Please excuse me - like Chantal I really did not want to be curious and I did not want to urge you to answer me - I just want to learn as much as possible ...

Very sorry again for your little Eva. Wish you all the best. Barbara





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