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Two gordon setters (5 and 6 years old) are looking for the new home in Estonia

Two gordon setters (5 and 6 years old) are looking for the new home, the best for the dogs if they can stay together, photos on the page:

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Gordon setters are looking for a new home

A bit more information about Gordon Setters looking for a new home:  6-year-old female Margolis and 5-year-old male Shamans. Estonian Kennel register their details are to find:

Margo or Mila Grandset All That Magic http://register.kennelliit.ee/reg/index.php?page=dogCard&dogId=...

Shaman or the Shaman's Eye Hill Yukki http://register.kennelliit.ee/reg/index.php?page=dogCard&dogId=...

Dogs origin from kennels in Russia and have been successfully participated on the exhibitions, Margo passed also hunting test. Margo is very friendly, the Shaman is not very recommended with other males or families with small children. Ideally, the dogs can stay in the new home together. Currently, they live in Tallinn.

Owner surrenders the dogs mainly for economic reasons. He can be contacted by phone 00 372 5187684

We hope to jointly contribute to help dogs and find for them new caring home  and hope that they can stay together. 




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