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I'm interested to hear what your thoughts are on booster jabs with your dogs. Harley is done on the dot when he is due them but a friend of the family has only had his dog done with the initial jabs and hasn't kept up the booster.

His reasoning is that the dogs his parents had when he was growing up were never vaccinated and they were fine.

My other query is, if his dog got ill with tetanus then where would he stand on insurance? Surely not having your dog vaccinated and it then getting ill through something that could have been prevented with a booster jab would invalidate the insurance policy?

It's just something I am mulling over and would be interested to hear your thoughts on :-).

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message received, loud and clear ! :) Thanks Teresa!

I think I watched a vet on a video a couple of years ago who said that Lepto was a virus with many different strains, and our dogs would have to be vaccinated against a particular strain for it to be effective?

This interview is fascinating to listen to. All 4 parts need to be watched.


We used to get our dogs vaccinated annually.  But a lot of the current thinking is that our dogs may being over vaccinated.  So, what we have opted to do is get the three year rabies vaccine; with the parvo/distemper, we have the dog titered every year to see if she still carries the antibodies.  If she does not, she then will get the parvo/distemper.  She had a parvo/distemper last January, 2011.  It had been almost six years.  Now, we have a three year parvo/distemper vaccine, so that was what we did then.  Strange thing, our insurance will pay for these vaccines, but they will not pay for the titer to see it she really needs it.  Go figure




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