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Every night around 10.30 my Kerry comes and stands at the study door and gives me a firm stare. If I do not respond then a call to attention is signaled with a few reminder barks. It is bed time. We walk together to the back door, I let him out. A tap signals that the ritual is to continue. A kiss goodnight for dad (cheek to cheek rub) and down we head to his bean bag. Circle, circle, circle, sigh. Cover and a tuck of his blanket and a wish good night, Family think it is very funny but I know I am loved. A special ritual that he has worked out for the two of us to finish our day. What special ritual has your setter worked out for you to share?

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Your ritual is almost identical to mine Rhonda........I wouldn't have it any other way....love em :))

My dogs also have a similar ritual at meal times too...at breakfast time they sit and stare at me while I drink my cup of tea. As soon as I put the cup in the dishwasher they start dancing around in the kitchen near the cupboard where I keep their food.
When meal time comes around in the evening, they huff and puff and follow me everywhere and when I say "what do you want" they go into the kitchen and again do a little dance routine near the dog food cupboard. Talk about 'singing for your supper'.....mine do an a Irish Jig :))

We were introduced to the Irish Jig by our boys granny. We were lucky enough to have several visits with her. Her jig was a delight even when she was very old. Murphy has inherited the same Jig We don't see it often but it reminds us of his granny. The huffs, puffs eyebrow wiggles.....so much to learn Torie but they are patient with us.

Our ritual starts about 10 pm. They have a way of making sure of telling you it is 10 pm and that it is NOW that they must get a last run around the property and the paddock....usually the bitches make the most noise to make sure No intruders are there overnight! ( I have no neighbours so it is very comforting that they work so hard for me!) and then it is back in the kitchen for a Good Night cuddle ( they sleep in their own beds in the kitchen) ! It all started 30 years ago with my first Irish and it is still the same now!

I hadn't thought of that. More than one Kerry(Murphy does not follow this ritual) at a time. That definitely would mean now. I am a trainee, only been at it for 3 years. Thank you Catherine, I will enjoy telling family that he is not spoilt, just a typical Irish boy.

Our ritual is best done in Summertime....somehow when it is pissing with rain in England in the winter....the last thing you want to do at 10 pm is stand by the back door and call Irish Setters back in for the night! They usually decide that A fox or something was there and they MUST make sure we are free of intruders for the night! Still I love my dogs and would not change any of this!

Such dedication, bless him.

Oh lord Finn don't say that aloud. Kerry hasn't thought of it and he is lurking near by:-)

My dogs tell me at 8pm it's treat time,and at 9pm when they want to go to bed, but if I don't follow 30 min later they come and get me stand in front of tv so you can't see anything only red setters, which is ok when you are not watching anything good:-))

The power of the setter, just love it Karen.

the irish jig next to the fridge is famous where I live-Lucy! 

Or when I come home with the food shopping.  Murphy jigging and Kerry trying to get his nose in the bags like a customs officer.  Every bag is an opportunity for my red foodie Murphy. Once it placed on the bench it all stops. The bench is the no go zone. The fridge is a no go zone too Claire. When we built I did not think to allow for 2 Irish and me peering into the fridge. Lesson for next house. Allow for lots of room in food prep areas for circling Irish and Jigs.




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