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Hi, I'm new to the forum and to owning an Irish setter. I am Rebecca and live in Oregon, USA. My puppy, Sullivan, is 4 months old now and is so much fun! We're all having such a great time with him (especially my 2.5 year old son). 


My question relates to gaining weight. We brought him home at 8 weeks and he was 9lbs. He was on the thin side, but from what the breeder said and everything I've read about IS is that they have fast metabolisms and run slim. A month later he was up to 17 lbs and now he is at 21.6lbs. So, he is gaining weight on a consistent basis but his hip bones and ribs are very clearly visible and you can feel every bone when you pet him. His coat is nice and soft, his eyes are clear, his stools are formed and he is full of energy. His appetite is okay and he does tend to pick at his food unless I provide him with a bit of competition by brining one of my other dogs over to him. We feed him Solid Gold Wolf Cub dry kibble, 3 times a day, as much as he'll eat in 15 minutes. His vet says he is perfect and tells me not to be concerned about his weight; however, I am still concerned. I'm not used to puppies being so thin!


I've attached a (poor) photo that shows how thin he is at 14 weeks. I don't have a recent full body shot but I can get one tomorrow morning when he wakes up. 


I appreciate any words of wisdom. Thanks!


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I wouldn't worry,some puppies are thin,Sullivan looks very healthy .

Arthur is now ten months old and is tall.He is thin but healthy and weighs about 29k

(64lbs).Enjoy your lovely puppy.

I am sure you will get some excellent advice from the members on here.

Hi Howard,

Our pup is also now ten months although he isn't going to be a tall dog. Nowhere near the same height as Canagan was. He weighes in at 25 kilos. That's 4 kilos less than Sullivan! The pup's breeder advised that he should be swopped onto a more adult food as the protein content of commercially made puppy food can be too high and makes them grow too quickly. I know a breeder of "Goldens" that said the self same thing to me.

Problem is there is such a multitude of different opinions around with people so certain that their way is right that taking onboard all the advice around makes my head hurt!

I agree,it can get very confusing,I was told puppies needed more protein so that they would grow!

Thank you both for the comments! It is very confusing as there is so much conflicting information. He is the first large breed puppy I've raised from puppyhood so it is a bit overwhelming with wanting to make sure I'm doing the right thing by him. 




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