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What age would you put on Brett? more pics on my page

Just out of curiosity :) ! 
We adopted Brett in January and were told he was approx 18 months then but we thought younger. having never had a setter before to judge his size by, we're still unsure. 
I think  hes about 18months now (if even!). Judging by other setter ive seen, he might actually be younger! Hes a big baby at heart anyways !  https://irishsetters.ning.com/photo/hmmm-what-to-do-next?xg_source=..."/>

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Thanks Debbie :) , hes actually calming down a lot since we got him so i think your right with your estimation !
hes gorgeous thats all i know!
Hi Sue, Ah we do love him to bits, just interesting to see what others think! he acts like a little pup anyways :) !
Interesting! I have a related question: how tall is supposed to be your puppy, say, at 3-5-8 months?

We keep proudly monitoring the Oberon growth and it looks he's doing very well, but while it is very easy to find a weight chart I never found a height chart, so far..







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