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Ok, I have a confession. I know this will make me feel better.
I am a dog racist. Whew. Do you know that saying," If it's not an Irish Setter, it's just a dog". It's true. I do apologize to you other breed owners but I can't help myself. Is there a dog with more personality. Doubtful I say. We all know the mischief they can get into but what are some of the sweet, cute things they do that make you just love them so much.

Keba makes these little grunty snorty sounds when you rub behind his ears or even when he's getting ready to go out as I put a lead on. It's almost like a cat purring. Sometimes in the house in the evening we can't find Rooker and then we find him sleeping in the strangest places like under the plant stand or the furthest corner. Plus I love it when they are on the floor together trying to eat the others head while moaning and grunting. Well makes up for the times when it's please stop.... or don't.... or no......

Please tell me I'm not alone in my affliction. What does your Irish do.?
(please note that by no means am I excluding the other Setter owners here. Let's have some funn!!)

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Hmm, the neighbors have 3 JR that come over and stand just beyond the fence and torment my boys. Very disrespectful I'd say.

It's true to say that most JRs (and maybe most terriers) come with bags of attitude and very little respect!

Oh I forgot one of Daisy Mae's things...... she is the perfect dishwasher :-D  Anyone for dinner at mine ? :-D

Georgina, sorry for being American but what is pud?

Hope you don't mind If we eat before we come over Fran.

ok, I think you just explained it. Is it like vanilla or chocolate. 

Can I ask Beth for stodgy cookies.LOL

No Rob, you must ask for sticky Toffee pudding! I am sure this is what she meant! I will send you the recipe if you want!

Super idea Catherine. A cultural exchange. Please do! How nice of you to offer.

Will do tomorrow! I cooked this pud a couple of years ago for some American friends who were over here for a wedding and I think they were quite impressed! :-)

The kids were 15 and 11 when we went to England and you should have heard my son and his friend(15) snickering at seeing spotted dick on the chalkboard menu. Bangers and Mash tickled their funny bone also!

Well I have not got the spotted dick recipe.....so don't ask....I hope sticky toffee pudding is up to your expectations! :-)
Remember Pink Floyd said How can you expect to have any pudding if you don't eat your meat. Maybe it's no wonder. LOL




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