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Ok, I have a confession. I know this will make me feel better.
I am a dog racist. Whew. Do you know that saying," If it's not an Irish Setter, it's just a dog". It's true. I do apologize to you other breed owners but I can't help myself. Is there a dog with more personality. Doubtful I say. We all know the mischief they can get into but what are some of the sweet, cute things they do that make you just love them so much.

Keba makes these little grunty snorty sounds when you rub behind his ears or even when he's getting ready to go out as I put a lead on. It's almost like a cat purring. Sometimes in the house in the evening we can't find Rooker and then we find him sleeping in the strangest places like under the plant stand or the furthest corner. Plus I love it when they are on the floor together trying to eat the others head while moaning and grunting. Well makes up for the times when it's please stop.... or don't.... or no......

Please tell me I'm not alone in my affliction. What does your Irish do.?
(please note that by no means am I excluding the other Setter owners here. Let's have some funn!!)

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My First boy loved to lie by the fire but so close that he was always burning his tail, Paddy was a tap dancer,there was a race horse called Dancing Paddy so thats what we called him too, and Finlay, well he's a expert at telling the time, he purrs like a cat when going to sleep, is also a very loud yawner, and very good at attracting peoples attention while were out, it's like he thinks every single person we pass should stop and give him a fuss the trouble is they do which is why our walks take so long (",)

I had one Ellen, that put his head under the wood stove. I always thought he might self combust.

You could smell his tail  burning i'd have to drag him away and he'd just still lie there (",)

Don't you want to eat at Frans. She already has help with the dishes. I looked up spotted dick pudding and Im really not hungry now.

Haha Tally does that when the window cleaner comes. I will have to video it next time if I am at home.  She chases the cloth round and round up and down lol

My dear Red is now old and sleeps a lot of the time but in her youth she insisted on carrying something on a walk.  If I popped into the shop I had to buy a paper for her to carry back, otherwise she would try to steal my shopping.  She is also a great snuggler, she loves nothing better than pushing her head into my neck for a cuddle.

Also Finlay is a chaser, birds , squirells, leaves, plastic bags anything that moves, at the resivoir he sits with the bird watchers but he watching them for a different reason (",)

You have to love those cuddlers Daniel. Of my 2 now, one is and one isn't. Good looking boy in your photo.

From the time we got Dougal, whenever you'd pick him up, he'd go stiff and arch back and I suddenly realized that he wanted held like a baby! When I gave his breeder an update, I asked if she used to hold him on his back like a baby? She paused and then laughed, saying "Yes, I guess I did!" I tell him, you're going to be too big to carry this way soon! lol

Probably by tomorrow Kim.

Rob, I know right?!

Bess loves my Husband picking her up. Last thing at night she often waits for him to carry her into the garden. The other night he called me in laughing. She had turned on her back and was holding her front legs out to him like a baby.




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