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Ok, I have a confession. I know this will make me feel better.
I am a dog racist. Whew. Do you know that saying," If it's not an Irish Setter, it's just a dog". It's true. I do apologize to you other breed owners but I can't help myself. Is there a dog with more personality. Doubtful I say. We all know the mischief they can get into but what are some of the sweet, cute things they do that make you just love them so much.

Keba makes these little grunty snorty sounds when you rub behind his ears or even when he's getting ready to go out as I put a lead on. It's almost like a cat purring. Sometimes in the house in the evening we can't find Rooker and then we find him sleeping in the strangest places like under the plant stand or the furthest corner. Plus I love it when they are on the floor together trying to eat the others head while moaning and grunting. Well makes up for the times when it's please stop.... or don't.... or no......

Please tell me I'm not alone in my affliction. What does your Irish do.?
(please note that by no means am I excluding the other Setter owners here. Let's have some funn!!)

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Ahh the purring gruntlets. Murphy does those when I rub his tummy as he lies on the couch next to me. Best way to relax while watching the news.

Very nice Rhonda but really best not to watch the news
Good on you Rob... I've always wanted to say that too. Yes....I'm a racist dog owner too!! Great I've said it lol. I love all their quirky habits... Flame dances side to side bit like an elephant when he know he's going for a walk and the " poncho twins" as they are now named, tear around at meal times with their crocheted rugs around their necks because they have chewed a hole! And in a household of children who own Newfoundlands I'm teased often of my red addiction :0))

Benson vocalises a lot!  Grunts and groans, little yappy sounds.  And the snoring...he's worse than my Hubby. 

Maybe hubby has to go?
You have an elephant too Dianne?

Rumor used to stand on the gate and then lean over with his elbows out as if he was having a good old gossip..so reminded me of Les Dawson sketches!!!

Steo stands up there and if he feels he is being ignored we hear a little 'oof' (almost under his breath, and definitely minus the 'w')  which he repeats every now and then, til finally it becomes a proper indignant 'WOOF'. Another sound is his happy 'Ro ro ro'. He also can grab his own collar & lead from a handful of 5, without ever getting the wrong one.

I'll stop there so as not to hog the floor...looking forward to reading all these and recognising in others what mine do too:)

Hmm? Oof vs woof? Only an Irish would know. And ro ro ro, does he have a boat?
Bess doesn't purr (although the English setter I used to have did), but she's got the loudest yawn I've ever heard in my life. It sounds like an extended yelp. She's done it since the day we got her as a tiny pup. Never fails to make us smile.

I've owned other breeds, but I think I'm fully converted to the Irish now. So much more intelligence than the others. It is challenging trying to stay one step ahead though. I love how affectionate she is, and how she thinks my lap is only there for one thing - lying on! :0)
So glad you stepped over Trish.

Before Bess I had 'a dog' in the house.  Bess is not simply 'a dog' - she's always there, in your face, wanting to be included in everything, wanting to know what you're doing.  If Steve's fixing anything she'll be there watching his every move as if trying to work out how it's done.  She's managed to switch the TV on before now, but can't quite figure out the combination of buttons that have to be pressed to switch Sky on too.  No, no way IS's can be described as just 'a dog'. 

Well Trish, if she' bad, just take away TV privileges.




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