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Hope this does not sound like a stupid question! - Rio is now 2 years old and boy's being boy's he 'hump's' -  mostly his 'teddy!',  however I have noticed 'drop's' on the floor to be discoloured slightly as if stained with blood.  Rio appears to be in perfect health so far as I can tell, not urinating more than usual, no temperature, not lethargic but I am concerned with this discolouration. I have contacted my vet and whilst waiting for her to ring me back I thought I would pose this question to  'the expert's' more familiar with our breed. Thank you in anticipation.

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He may have cystitis. I hope it is nothing serious!.
He may have cystitis. I hope it is nothing serious!.

The prostatic fluid should be clear pre sperm,and with sperm should be milky.

If he has discoloured drops he might have a slight bleed somewhere,that's all I can think of ,apart from an infection.

Panic over!,  been to the vets, Rio has been checked out, urine sample taken and tested proved to be blood in it, been given a 10 day course of antibiotics.
He should be fine now,.You did well to notice it.




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