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What's it like being owned by a Setter or Two?.

I have always been convinced that actually we do not own our Setters they own us, we are at their 'beck and call' from the time 'they decide to get up in the morning to the time they decide to go to bed'  not to mention the time they decide to eat to the time they decide it's 'walkies' time, or play time or time for trouble.To your bed means yes if you give me a biscuit, time for play yes if you can find my ball,time for dinner yes but it's a bit late tonight think I'll just help myself, my ears irritating can you rub it, I'm wet can you dry me off, can't you see I'm off colour today I just need to be cuddled and so on and so on!! Phew it's hard work all this being owned!!

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Exactly so Rob.......just lovely to watch one train the man who used to be mine instead of me for a change.  Husband now belongs to Molly ( too bad she does not cook or clean up after him).:)

Sherry lovely stories such fun we are definitely owned by them

Some might say we are the crazy ones as it is our choice to fall in love with an Irish Setter....if you do it right you can't seem to live without one in the future. The year and a half without one here was the dullest and most boring year of our marriage as our home just felt so empty.  Molly was at the end of that year and a half so perhaps I am just a wee bit more appreciative of having her running our home?  or perhaps she is also just as awesome as we think she is?  I may never know the answer to that question but I don't really care as long as we have Molly to keep us on our toes and laughing everyday.  Our daughter packed a suitcase today for a weekend trip ...she was not gone 10 minutes when Molly came trotting in with a pair of her socks (she will carry them around until Angie is back home ).....she keeps track of each one of us so we all know we are a special part of her world....devotion like that is just too darn hard to find so it makes the gift of it even more special.  I do think that our Irish know just how to respond to each of us as they seem to be intune with moods and needs around them....they can turn on the charm, the funny antics or the sweet cuddley Irish to fix what needs fixing as needed....how can we help not falling for them? 

Funniest thing happened this week. My old cocker was bitten and needed special care for the week, so i swichted: left the red girls with my parents and ginja came with me for the week.

Today I came home to my very concerned parents. Pitanga and Romã refused their food all week long... unless they added baby cereals to their food =)

I tried to explain them theyr were being played, but they were not convinced, so I gave them their food in the evening: plain old dry food as usual. They looked at me and at it without a fuss. You should have seen the look on my mother's face as they were eating. She just said "Bastards!" and walked away! 

What's not to love about a Setter?? =)




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