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In the last week, there have been 8-10 members that have been complaining about each other.  I have removed a couple people from the site, but most of the comments presented seem pretty benign to me.

When I created this site, I had no idea what it would become.  I quickly learned how little I knew about Irish Setters even though I had owned them for 15 years.  I am not a breeder, don't do shows, don't do agility, don't do hunting or field, usually get rescues (exception being my current ones).  I think all of the above are great, I just don't know anything about them nor do I really care to.  It's obvious these are topics that people on this site are passionate about, and that's great, there just not for me.

As I have mentioned before, I left this site because people were rude to me.  There's at least 1 of the 8-10 members that were one of the ones who ran me off so I can understand the complaints against this peson.

It seems like some of these discussion topics are like politics, you aren't going to change people's minds, so why try to?

Have been pondering some options:

A. Ban the other 8-10 members

B. Leave the site as is

C. Remove the discussion forum altogether

D. Transition ownership and moderation to someone else (note annual costs on the site are around $300 USD and those would transfer as well)

E. Ban any discussions on breeding, health issues, or other controversial topics

F. Shut down the site altogether (really don't want to do this)

What are some other ideas?

I want to get feedback on other ideas and then you are going to vote as a community.  Please reply with any suggestions, then will create another thread to vote later this week.



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I have been reading everyone's comments and thought I would ask myself what I would of done without this site.  Being new to the Irish six years ago I was thrilled to find this site.  Any problem or question I come here to ask and get help.  I have made friends from all over the world who have been there to help me when my first Irish became ill and when I lost him to SLE.   They shared my happiness when I added Hawk and Cara to my family. Thank you Gene for starting this group and I hope it continues. 

It is great to share experiences and feelings especially when you have lost your setter or are expending illness with yours it helps heaps

Jo, you said it all <:0)


Dear Gene,

Let me start by saying THANK YOU (yes that is a shout) and God bless you. You have the patience and tolerance of a saint to deal with all of this. As I read through every page of the responses I realized I could not do what you have done so well and for so long.

Here are my thoughts an promises:

1) This is your site and you can do whatever is best for you. You do not owe anyone anything. You should not have to be shackled to you computer to monitor these issues when you have so generously given your time, money, heart and soul to keep it going.  I think this comes under the heading of no good deed goes unpunished. Only you can decide when it is time to pull the plug.

2) I don't come here often, but I have found it invaluable when I have had questions or concerns about my dog, needed a stress break, some humor or a setter "fix".

3) It never occurred to me that someone (you) paid out of pocket for this site that someone (me) was benefiting from so much. I apologize for that and I made a donation before I started writing. If you (or someone else) decide to keep the site open, I promise I will pay up annually for the gift of this site.

4) I haven't posted often, mainly because I have caught my strong opinions coming through a couple of times and had to remind myself to just step away from the computer.  I promise to monitor myself and if I break that promise, I will time myself out.

5) As of my initiating this reply, this forum has been viewed 5053 times. Obviously, a lot of interest relative to the number of comments. I suspect that like me and others who commented, most of us who have read some of the negative comments in the forums just turn away from the site. I promise not to do that in the future. I think that people do have strong opinions and sometimes get caught up in the moment. I also believe that social pressure is very powerful so I promise that if I see that happening, I won't just passively close my window but will gently remind people that tone and phrasing are important. 

Thank you,


WOW ! Good sense, lovely statement <:0)

I am back in Sydney but still cannot send emails to members. I type message hit send and nothing I am still working from my iPad

Sorry you are having issues.  Is this just on an iPad?  Can you send email from your PC?  I will try and test it on my iPad.  Maybe Ning will develop a mobile app.

I am in Sydney but still on my iPad until next week I have my desktop in storage

Good stuff.  Thanks Mel.

Mel, The clauses you highlight are greatly open to interpretation, as is anyone's perception of being subjected to same, perhaps to the extent that only a court of law could decide upon. In relation to members content, you deliberately removed content posted by yourself in a discussion (yes, i read it before you deleted it) because you knew that it would damn you to be in breach of these same rules that you now hypocritically remind the rest of us about. A masterstroke indeed, but now with repercussion. (not such good stuff after all, Gene). What there is on this site, is simply members with opposing opinions clashing with each other. I value the contributions of all equally and without any heirarchy attached. It appears that grievance is not exclusive, nor should blame be. It is my sincere hope that everyone remains on ES and my deep regret that we are not all still together. But, Mel, i think the moral high ground can only be held if you have not breached it yourself.

My regards. 

James, you write so well.....nothing else to add.

I was content to roll my eyes at Mel's hypocritical post but James you have reminded Mel of the reality in a very eloquent manner. Nothing is starting again, just a correction to reality from a slight of hand.




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