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When weather doesn't allow for outdoor exercising.

We are starting our winter weather and somedays it is too bad to go out for my nine month old. Any suggestions on indoor exercises. He likes to play catch but even that gets old quick for him.

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Hi Kay,
I find I can go out in all weathers, I'm in Oz if its going to be a scorcher I'm out early, if freezing and yes it does, I still go, a coat is great for them there are all types on the market for all seasons. They love all weathers. Snow is fun as well. The only weather I am more hesitant in are the storm if fork lightening then we have a romp in the garden inbetween storms and go out later.
I have lots of toys my boy loves to play with and if you don't mind the mess wrap things up in paper, a milk carton with some kibble in makes smashing noises that mine seems to love to shake. Hide goodies for them to find around the place.
Hope some of this helps I'm sure there are stacks more. It's also a great place to do some fun training add a few tricks in as well as some obedience work.

Where do you live?  I've just invested in some new waterproof trousers and a thick winter coat.  Bess and I both have waterproof flourescent jackets and a flashing collar (that's for Bess, not me you understand! :0) ) and a head torch for me, and we're ready to take whatever the elements through at us and at whatever time of day.

If we get snow then I'll put vaseline on Bess's paws to help stop the snow forming balls.

The only problem I have is that Bess is terrified of the velcro on her coat, and I'm going to have to get her used to that!   

we go out in all kind of weather as we live in a flat - no excuses here :)

when it is raining really bad, i sometimes skip the long evening walk and i teach tricks to them. like turn around to both sides. really fun as they know hand signs as well and can turn into different directions - looks like a dance :)))

my dogs don't seem to care what the weather is doing they just want their walk!!! I'm not sure where you live Kay and i know that we don't have the extreme weather of some countries...a friend of mine lives in Nova Scotia and when the weather is too bad there she has a treadmill for her dogs (setters) which they love lol!!! I am looking at the trousers that Trish mentioned though, maybe for snowy weather and wet days when we are showing but that's for my benefit not theirs...they just don't care!!
I take my girl out in every kind of weather - yet, I spent a bit of money on good raingear this year.
And I have to admit: My Setter girl would really love for me to stay inside, I guess. She hates rain and refuses to sit or lay down when the ground is wet or what she feels to be too cold.

But since you asked for inside activities:
We do not frolic around inside, and we do not play any wild games. There is some calm activities which call for my dog to use her nose or brains, rather than legs (and which I consider equally important to bodily excercise).
- I have her sit in one room and hide bits of food in the room next door (behind the legs of a chair, in the second or third shelve of a cupboard, under the corner of a blanket,...) and have her search for them. At the same time I am teaching her to find my keys in a similar manner - I hope that she will soon be able to find my keys outside in a meadow or at the side of the road. It might ome in handy one day.
- we may take the dummy we use for retrieving and play a calm version of fetch - and stop, once she starts to act wild. This also teaches my half-year-old a little patience, too
- it is possible to put up some "parcour elements" inside, too. We do not do this, but a friend of mine keeps her dog busy this way. A chair, which the dog has to crawl under - a ladder flat on the floor, and over which the dog has to walk by placing her paws on the floor inbetween the rungs - a sturdy plastic box, turned upside down, which the dog has to jump on to - a hoop (to jump through) - old carpets or camping mats, that can be turned into tunnels - and so

Teaching tricks to your dog, or working on its obedience, is certainly possible, too.

my husband plays a game with our three called "find the cheese"...siisla to what you describe..the dogs wait in one room while he hides pieces of cheese in another....they absolutey love playing this and he makessure that everybody gets something!!

Thank you, I appreciate your suggestions. I live in the redwoods and when the weather gets so bad neither of us wants to go out. Besides, it can be dangerous with falling branches and trees which does happen quite a lot. I like the idea of the trousers. Do you know where I can get some and since he is a male does it has openings for potty breaks? We have a feed store here but it is limited at best. Since I live in the States, do you know of a supplier for dog rainwear? Again, thank you.

We also go out in all kinds of weather.

It used to be a raincoat for me and nothing for them. Then, I'd get home and blow dry them before they walked in.

However, I had to make some changes since Pitanga was diagnosed with DCM. She has pulmonary edema and consequently a higher risk for pneumonia, so I try to keep her chest dry - this was rather easy to solve with a nice raincoat (she has a greyhound raincoat, fits perfectly in a setter!) Romã still love to get soakd in the rain, so for now no raincoat for her =)




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