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Summer asks for lighter topics, specially when it seems like the world is gone even madder than before, so my girls and I decided to share this little story with all our internet setter friends:


Just when I think there is not anything more one of my girls can do to surprise, they seem to find a new way to knock me off my feet!

The other day we had my sister in law's parents here, and they kindly offered to teach us how to make our own bread, and we were baking it in our brand-new wood-oven. Turns out the oven didn't heat properly and some of the bread didn't bake properly, so someone placed the breads that weren't good on top of the oven, witch is about my height, while we tried to salvage the rest of the breads. 

We all forgot about the bread on top of the oven, and eventually went out to dinner. When we got back, Pitanga rushed to me with a high and proud tail and with something on her mouth, that she dropped on my lap, with the proudest look I had ever seen. My girl had just offered me some bread, and was looking so proud you can only imagine it - it was like she was trying to pay me back for all the times I fed her! She dropped it on my legs and had no intention of getting it back! I thanked her by sharing the bread she gave me with her - she ate the hole thing and we were all amazed looking at her!

We also still can't understand how on earth she got to the breads, but after all she is a setter... =) 


What amazing dogs we are blessed with!

I'd love to read some of your dogs amazing surprises!


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Hi Lois... yes it was scary. She just swam and swam. Low tide thought about trying to swim over to her but thought again. That IS was the worst for misbehaving.

Your dinner well what can I say. They are so quick and the contents just disappears. You can't get cranky with them but not good when no dinner left for the people.

Eunice was that your Cherie? would scare me to death her swimming like that ........sounds like she was your "Shannon" ie wild one.   Now all those tales are funny and I can laugh but too many times I can remember my sense of humour was on vacation when things were happening.
no Sharla. She was the one who ate easter eggs, swam pittwater, stole numerous dinners and more. Lived to 15 years and was still digging under the deck. Cherie continued with the digging under the same deck here.

Oh all the Setter stories I could share.  We had one boy that was quite the stinker.  I have so many differnt stories about his antics.  One time Mick brought home a whole deer that someone had shot and it still had the rope around it's neck where they had had it tied up to a tree.  I don't know how far he had to drag it to get it home or how on earth he got it out of the tree but he was soooooooooo proud of himself when he got it home!



Did you eat it?
I bet he was proud to present you with dinner for both of you for a few meals.  Can you imagine the hunters surprise when his prize deer just disappeared?  I have to laugh just thinking what my Dad's response would have been to his deer disappearing ( though he would have blamed his Bambi loving daughters).
Reading all of this and owning 2 previous setters I wonder if my Molly is just too good. But I think given the chance she would be the same. Curled up on the lounge at the moment... Maybe her sore tail is giving her grief?




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