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When I loaded the video of our first morning with Khatalyst a couple of days ago, this video was recommended to me by YouTube, most likely because I have watched this video many times in the past. This is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjVSDpP0_HQ Hempfling: Keep Your Horse's Soul.

I am not promoting the trainer. I thought members might like to listen to the beautiful music, read the beautiful words and see these magnificent beings, the Horse. Some of the words which are meaningful to me are Trust, Freedom, Dignity, Harmony, and Resign Yourself to the Higher Order of the Horse.

What you see in this video can also be applied to the way we treat our Setter dogs. There has been too much domination by human beings. Look what you can achieve when you become humble.

Give Everything From The Start .. And Forever!

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Absolutely Susan. The connectivity between dogs/horses and humans is absolutely beautiful.   I have trained by dogs without domination and have such a beautiful partnership with them :-)

Beautiful video of majestic creatures. And yes, we strive to have a trusting and respectful relationship with our dogs as well.




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