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On our way to Brandon tomorrow, 3 standard runs with the dreaded table, 1 Team. 1 Jumpers, 1 Steeplechase, 1 Gamblers and 2 Snooker Runs. The weather looks okay for Saturday but Sunday is calling for rain so handling could be a little more difficult. My goals are to get a faster down on the table and to stick the contacts on the dog walk and the a-frame. We were working weave entraces this week and are seeming some major progress with the distance still seeing the odd pop out at the 10th pole. I think I'm celebrating too soon and that pulls her attention away.

Next week Airess starts her Level 1 Agility class, she has been on some of the equipment, but I was busy enjoying puppy hood! I can't wait to see how she does.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!

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