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how did you learn your setter the slalom. I prefer the V-slalom for the beginning.

what about the contacts. do you train two on two off with your setters? I think it is very hard for a setter on the A-frame.


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I have only trained to stop in the contact zone and proceed with ok command. I have never done the tow on two off.
what did you give for stopping? food or toy?
have you experiences with clicker training in agility?
I taught the word contact with a small lid and treat on it to teach Tiz to stop on command and then transfered it to the contact. I hope I explained this right.

I had just started learning with clicker for agility with Scout but we only did begining class and had not started a class to really transfer it to equipment when he became ill. I am really happy with clicker training it did not take him very long to understand what I was asking of him.




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