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I often wondered if other people have favourite colours.  Strangely enough, my least favourite colour is orange belton, and I have had more orange than anything, my absolute favourite is dark blue belton and tan, as can be seen on the attached photo of my darling boy Fabian:

Fabian went to live with a friend, together with my pointer when illness meant me having to rehome my dogs, he was from the first litter sired by my darling Leon so was a very special boy too.  I still get to see him and would love one just like him in the future.

My husband thought he preferred the blues and, when we lost Leon, we were teasing each other about which colour we were going to get and we ended up with another orange, (Henry, who we wouldn't swap for the world :) ), and he now prefers oranges out of any of the colours.


So, I just wondered, do you have a fave colour or do you just take whatever life throws at you.  I realise for show purposes we are looking at construction etc first, but what if two pups are of equal merit but different colours..which would you choose?

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How interesting Sheree...

i can see that perhaps some of it might be a preference, but maybe it just so happens that the more quality dogs happen to be oranges? It would be a real shame to see a drop in numbers of the blues.

I agree that it would be a shame to see the number of blues drop, and the problem is, the less blues there are then people with an orange bitch will be forced to use a perhaps mediocre blue or tri dog rather than a good orange, in order to get a colour other than orange in the litter...I think there is only one breeder over here that constantly mates orange to orange as that is her favourite colour!






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