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Let's share our smiles with each other. I am sure everyone have stories to tell.

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That is the funnest part about this site isn't it, being able to watch and hear about the other puppies growing up. I just wish more of the puppy owners would post more pictures (my problem is I want to post 100) and keep them current. They're so much fun. Been to Idaho once in my lifetime, Redfish Lake, I think, camping. What I remember was that it was cold even in the sumertime. Not my cup of tea. Husabnd and I went to Washington and drove down the coast to San Francisco two years ago and Seattle didn't even really turn me on. I'm kinda one of those barefoot, shorts, has to be 90 to be comfortable kinda gal. When we flew into Denver to bring Iz home, the pilot announced that it was 17 below, and I turned to my husband and said "below what? below warm?". Not funny! How anyone does anything in that kind of weather I will never know. You guys who live in that cold country are nuts! If you guys ever decide to come this way, or want to thaw out in the middle of winter, we have a big old empty house, (kids are all grown and gone) that you're more than welcome to. An acre for the puppies to run on and horses to ride. You're more than welcome.

Funny about Joss nursing on the golden. First time I picked Izzie up out of the xpen at Pam's she buried her face in my hair and tried to nurse. My hair feels and looks just like a momma setter!

I guess we have a big show here next week, but Pam said she couldn't get the time off from work. Said she'd be here in October, but my husband and I are going to take the day off and run out there. I have no clue how to groom for a show or what to do. (Don't know if we'll ever get to that spot). My husband is a hunter and ohhhh he wants Izzie to be a bird dog. His days off he takes her out to the desert to chase quail, which for an out of shape old man is quite the comittment. But to send her to bird dog training she has to go live about 200 miles from us and I'm just not ready to make that kind of decision. My critters are my kids and nothing besides having them with me means much. So I don't know about the showing.

Sounds like Joss is feeling way better. You're a lucky critter. Good thing you caught it as quick as you did.

Man I'm yacky today. Better get back to work!
Oh I spent 10 happy summer filled years in Los Angeles. Every Sept when the weather starts to turn I just want to flee the state and leave it to the winter. I am NOT a cold climate type of gal but this is home now until I can afford to move everything to Fiji and become a pirate. LOL However I can't go down the street to go fishing in Los Angeles, but I can here. So Idaho has that in its favor. My only cold weather sport is Steelhead fishing, and yes come Dec when season is open I'm out there in the frozen morning dawns snivling and shaking and diligently coursing bait down the best deep drift I can find and cursing aloud the cold all the way. PS Redfish is one of THE coldest areas in the state. The lake is DEEP and the mountains up there clutch onto winter longer than almost anywhere else. Boise is 'tropical' in comparison. In about 3 months its gonna be 90-110 degrees again until the end of Sept. Hooray!
I'm with ya! 110 is my favorite time of year!
I have a new story to tell. We even made a video of her.
My daughter got lots of Mylar balloons for her birthday and while we were waiting for her from school, they were in a corridor next to front door, just hanging from the ceiling with they long curly colorful strings. Amber got one to chew and decided to steal it as usual. When she is grabbing something she runs. It was hilarious. She is running to the kitchen, holding a string in her mouth, then turns around … and sees a balloon following her. You all should see her face! She was so scared, she almost sat down. We laughed and laughed. She got use to them following her and was continuing stealing more and more.
Then she decided to bring one of them to her ex-pen. But … she has a small door there. She went thru the door holding string in her mouth, turning around and can’t understand why balloon is not getting in? Funny, funny. Now I know what I’ll get for her next birthday.
Oh Inna plese post this video!! I can see it in my head and I was laughing so hard as I read this but I want to see the video too.
My daughter had a friend over and they both played with Amber hide and seek. I gave them both small plastic bowls with pieces of cheese as a treat, when puppy finds them. It was fun watching them all run around the house, laugh and puppy looking for them in turns.
I and my son were in living room folding laundry. When my daughter climbed in to Amber’s crate to hide, my son can’t help himself – he locked the door in a crate. It was very funny. She screamed and I told him how disappointed I am when he being mean to his little sister. But when I think about it more – I think it is so natural for a boy to lick his sister in, since she climbed in to the crate herself. It would be surprising if he didn’t.
So I guess I have normal kids.
Hi Inna!

I love that you have little kids still! I miss those days. I too have a son and a daughter, the son being the oldest and he use to do the "meanest" things to her. She loved him to death (still does) and would do anything he told her to do, including eating cat food, stepping in man made traps, and messing around in grocery stores to the point of getting in trouble. My kids were about your kids's age when we got our last setter as a puppy. They have the best memories of her. I know that Amber has been a challenge for your daughter but some day she'll have forgotten those wacky puppy days and she'll love her to death. Lora




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